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Because Michoacán is the land of the Purépechas who venerate the Sun, the Moon and Venus… and believe that there are three worlds: that of the dead, that of the living and that of the gods…

I will tell you one of the beautiful legends of Michoacán that discovers the desires of your soul and its different sunsets…

“Some years before those who arrived, the Purépecha empire ruled Zizipandácuare, a just king who gave these lands unity and progress. He had many daughters, one of them endowed with beauty was called Zirahuén, one day he arrived at the King’s Palace in Tzintzúntzan a fleet of canoes led by a well-known warrior and chieftain of Pátzcuaro.”

When the princess saw his power and strength, her heart leapt with delight because she knew that the mature young man would ask her in marriage. The king celebrated it with pleasure and granted him her hand, on the condition that he would marry her only after helping him liberate the battle against Axayacatl, king of the Mexicas. The chief of Pátzcuaro agreed to the challenge.

They say that the fierce hatred that existed between the Mexicas and the Purépechas and the desire of the warrior to marry Zirahúen, caused a single fight to be fought in which he was covered in Mexica blood on the battlefield. The satisfied and victorious bridegroom was leading the way when an arrow shot from an unknown hand pierced his heart. It was never known if it was a God or a man who took his life. So when the brave young man arrived at the abode of the gods, they decided to name him God of War for his bravery.

And it is this legend that inspires locals and strangers to sail and visit the small towns of Pátzcuaro, Zirahuén to Cuitzeo… where it smells of nut candy, corn and honey.

Indigenous children are seen everywhere happy and with their balloons full of color like their fairground sweets and flavored ice creams… with those typical Michoacán snows.

We will…

Cuitzeo land of Augustinians and founded in antiquity by Franciscans and Discalced Carmelites in approximately 1550, when construction began on the temple that -still exists- dedicated to Santa María Magdalena- the Augustinians were devoted to her.

In the temple of Cuitzeo you can still see the fresco of the Last Judgment, and it was thanks to the wealth of the Augustinians that this great work could be carried out due to their generosity; He even brought black slaves to cultivate his extensive lands, according to the purchase documents of that time.

Angels made children protect the place, one feels peaceful, in a sweet, pure environment… and, at the same time, seeing how its historic buildings collapse as in Cuitzeo… unfulfilled promises that they have made to the residents, filling them with misery… especially moral, bad governments.

Let’s tour Michoacán… and its legends to reconstruct its history and future, a prosperous state connected to the world, a place for food based on corn and white fish, which can be enjoyed with regional sauces such as morita.

We will then know who we are and what we are made of.

The shoal is a world to discover to stay among magnificent lakes and legends created between the reality of the people, the best kept secrets of our ancestors and the truth of our beauty.

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