Balancing work and personal life: our tips

3. Play as a team

Balancing work and family life is a team sport. Frankly express your difficulties to your life partner or to your children old enough to understand your reality.

Make balance a shared responsibility: how can your loved ones help so that domestic life and your career coexist better? This “collaboration” can take various forms.

Important: delegating more is fine, but you have to accept that some of the tasks entrusted to you do not meet your quality standards… which brings us to the next piece of advice.

4. Practice letting go

Impossible to control everything all year round! Moderate your demands on yourself, at work and at home. Perfectionism quickly becomes exhausting and has nothing constructive about it.

Here are some general tips to help you:

  • Limit your schedule to the essentials; prune the superfluous.
  • Space out energy-intensive and non-urgent tasks – for example, shopping in a large area, weeding the garden or cleaning the refrigerator.
  • Buy prepared meals occasionally… or often! It’s hard to cook everything like Ricardo or produce your own preserves. Martha Stewart has an army of employees to help her, but you don’t!
  • Cultivate flexibility in your family relationships. A clever mix of discipline and pleasure equips you to find a better balance.
  • Practice meditation or try new relaxation techniques.

5. Create traditions

Plan couple activities and family activities that you will choose together. No two families are the same. These ideas offer a glimpse of the endless possibilities…

  • Camping trip
  • Pizza and movie night
  • Escape game
  • ski day
  • Nature hike, etc.
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These moments will help you preserve the quality of your relationships and find yourself.

6. Finally put yourself on the schedule: take care of yourself!

Balance is also taking care of yourself. On the agenda, block time and reserve it for your well-being. Take the opportunity to stretch and move. Physical activity helps reduce stress, take your mind off work or day-to-day worries.

Reconnect with sports or hobbies that you loved before your career absorbed you: swimming, crafts, reading…

7. Refocus on your priorities

What would you do if you had more free time? What are your current needs and your professional ambitions? A specialist could help you clarify them if you have trouble seeing them clearly.

In writing, describe an ideal situation for you. Write down the activities you want to fit into your schedule to better balance the parts of your life. Having everything on paper can make it easier to manage your time, reorganized according to your priorities.

Discuss with your boss or your superior to validate his expectations and yours, and tell him about your difficulty in reconciling your personal and professional lives. This is an opportunity to review the points that complicate your daily life, such as working hours or tight deadlines, for example. If last-minute requests are among your barriers to a better quality of life, mention it. Review your priorities from time to time; have they evolved? Rearrange your schedule if you haven’t achieved the desired balance.

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Achieving balance, a long-term task

With awareness, good communication and a little determination, you will manage to find the balance between work and your private life. Your quality of life has everything to gain. After all, your mental and physical health also weighs in the balance!