Ballot, Zubbani breaks with Ferri: “However, Sunday 26th I will not go to the beach”

CARRARA – “Cosimo Ferri has legitimately taken his path which, however, is not shared by us”. This is the comment of the regional secretary of the PSI Angelo Zubbani in commenting on the appearance of the two lists of Ferri but not of the PSI. At the ballot of the 26th, therefore, there will be a split in the coalition of Ferri between the two civic lists that supported him (which together account for about 8.5%) and the Socialist Party (which last Sunday collected 6.3% strong of the result of the former mayor Zubabani who obtained over 500 personal preferences).

The former mayor summarizes the Apuan voice the political path of the coalition: «There had been a request for a relationship with Serena Arrighi following which our coalition had received a sharp no. Up to that moment Italia Viva and the socialists have made the road together, from then on we have separated: Ferri has legitimately taken his path that we do not follow. We socialists will meet tomorrow to decide our position but certainly and in any case I will not go to the beach on Sunday ».

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