Fourth quarter


Mac Jones takes the last knee. Alabama doubled the 14.5-point margin and eliminated the LSU. Yes, that was a stupid big spread for a 7: 1 home investigator, but Vegas always knows. Alabama 29, LSU 0.


Burrow will be intercepted by Wilson and that will be your ballgame. Alabama 29, LSU 0.


Tagovailoa made its first appearance in the fourth quarter, leading to an eight-lap, eighty-meter, five-minute Alabama ride. And they made the extra point! Alabama 29, LSU 0.

Proof of the fourth quarter Tua:


The LSU reaches the 26-yard line from Alabama and is immediately received with an eight-yard bag of burrow. Burrow compensates for this with a 10-meter run to Tide's 24.

On the third and seventh, Burrow fired a pass against Dee Anderson and set up the Tigers in Alabama's 14. However, Alabama's defense strengthened, forcing the LSU to settle for a field goal they missed. Alabama 22, LSU 0.

Third quarter


The ride from Alabama starts well with a 21-yard run by Harris, but they are forced to puntieren. We could get our Tagovailoa in the fourth quarter.

The LSU believers are not amused.

Alabama 22, LSU 0.


The LSU gets a spark with a 62-yard return to the Alabama 40, but can not capitalize. Another ride, another punt and Alabama will start football on their own 11. Alabama 22, LSU 0.


Tagovailoa's knee was good enough for a 44-yard touchdown.

However, he came gimpy from the field and went to the injury tent, before he came out again. Either way, after a blocked additional point Alabama 22, LSU 0.


The LSU today has eight drives and eight punches. Alabama 16, LSU 0.


LSU comes to a halt! They stay in the game by forcing an alabama punt after it looks as if they are doomed to give up another score.

But um …

Alabama 16, LSU 0.


The LSU is still unable to find an attack and has three more points. Good news is, Devin White is back.

Alabama starts fast with a Tagovailoa pass for 30 meters to Jeudy. After a short run of Harris they are already in the LSU area. Alabama 16, LSU 0.

Second quarter


After the LSU has not done the job as an offense, Alabama ensures that they get into the locker room without injuring Tagovailoa. Seems wise. Alabama 16, LSU 0.


Tagovailoa beats Jerry Jeudy for a 29-yard dash on the LSU's 25-meter line. Tagovailoa then meets Irv Smith Jr. for the 25-yard touchdown for his second touchdown of the night.

And the special is good this time. Alabama 16, LSU 0.


The drive does not work well for LSU. After a four-meter run by Edwards-Helaire Burrow is fired because of a seven-yard defeat against the goal line.

Edwards-Helaire gives them respite with another four-meter run. The LSU then manages to turn off the race, and Alabama starts at its own 45-yard line and a timeout. Alabama 9, LSU 0.


Tua Tagovailoa has thrown his first interception in the 2018 season. Maybe he is not perfect.

And now the LSU gets the ball with three timeouts. Alabama 9, LSU 0.


The LSU converts a few third-downs on the third run, but Alabama puts them in a third and a 14 that they can not do well. Alabama gets the football back with two breaks. Alabama 9, LSU 0.


The LSU holds Alabama to a field goal on a ride that lasted 15 games, 75 yards and more than seven minutes of playtime. Joseph Bulovas converts to the 23-yarder. Alabama 9, LSU 0.


Alabama has moved football, mainly through Damien Harris, to start the ride. Harris had a total of 33 yards and a Tagovailoa run of 10 yards. After completing Jeudy, the tides have a first descent to LSU 25.

A short interception by LSU linebacker Michael Divinity Jr. forces a third and a seven, and Alabama nearly scored the first strike with a Tagovailoa laser at Josh Jacobs for six meters.

For the neighborhoods, Jacobs is the turn for the Wildcat formation. Alabama 6, LSU 0.


The LSU can not convert to one-third and two and return to Bama. The ball rolls into the end zone for a touchback and Alabama starts from the 25-yard line. Alabama 6, LSU 0.

First quarter


The LSU goes beyond the incompleteness of third-and-11 almost three or three times, but is rescued by a defensive pass from Alabama's Saivion Smith.

Then Burrow looks for Justin Jefferson for 18 yards to the 50 yard line. They quickly play another game and go deep, but Patrick Surtain Jr. (who considered the LSU) was able to break the pass.

The LSU leads a quick pass to Clyde Edwards-Helaire, and that's the quarter. Alabama 6, LSU 0.


Hey, we have another really good catch, this time from the first class of Bama with Jaylen Waddle (28 yards) to the 48 yard Alabama line:

This was a third and a 15 conversion, but Bama could not convert at the next third downside and returned to the LSU. Alabama 6, LSU 0.


The LSU still has no answers for the defense of Alabama. Burrow is dismissed by Quinn Williams at the first tee for five yards, and the tigers never recover. Alabama starts football on its own 25-yard line after beating the barge. Alabama 6, LSU 0.


The flood hits first. On the LSU's 15-yard line Tagovailoa is looking for Ruggs for the touchdown.

In the game, Grant Delpit of the LSU is called for targeting.

It is checked by officials and canceled. It's probably the best, because we would have had a riot if the tigers had lost another player by aiming. The tigers play without Devin White, who was targeted against Mississippi State two weeks ago.

Oh, and Alabama missed the extra point. Alabama 6, LSU, 0.


Henry Ruggs has the hook on the game with this 14-yard one-handed catcher:

Odell Beckham Jr. is here, so it will take a lot to impress everyone inside the building. Alabama 0, LSU 0.


The ride of the LSU is not nearly as long as that of Alabama, and they beat after five meters in five games and consume two minutes and twelve seconds of playing time. Alabama 0, LSU 0.


Mack Wilson has the Benny Snell mouthpiece with the fan. Much more conspicuous than just the mouthpiece with the teeth, imo.


Alabama is called to a false start when Mac Jones starts for Tagovailoa. Tagovailoa comes back into the game, but has to go because Jones has not technically played Down.

I do not make or enforce the rules.

Alabama is forced to punt on a quarter and a thirties and gets a touchback. Noting that Alabama has averaged less than two minutes per opening rating this season. Alabama 0, LSU 0.


Tagovailoa is injured in a third and 18-year-old, but seems to be alright. Bama was called to make a false start, no one heard the whistle, and LSU defenders raved Tagovailoa, who was suppressed for a while before jogging off the field on his own. Alabama 0, LSU, 0.


The LSU turns an Alabama Third-and-10 into a third-and-five of the LSU 24 after a substitution violation. Tagovailoa then finds Irv Smith Jr. for 10 yards to the LSU 14.

Jerry Jeudy helps them with a loss of eight meters at the next game. Alabama 0, LSU 0.


Alabama has the first mistake in the first game and LSU has an injury from John Battle, who leaves the field on his own. Alabama 0, LSU 0.

Alabama faces national team no. 3 on Saturday. On road. In one of the most hostile environments of college football.

And is still favored by two touchdowns.

The Crimson Tide have improved on their typically great way of forming a historically dominant team in 2018. The leap from big to elite has been driven by the rise of Tua Tagavailoa as Heisman Trophy leader. The second-year quarterback did not play much because of Alabama's winning streak, but he was electric on the court. 25 pass-down touchdowns, a completion rate of 70.4% and – holy crap – zero interceptions.

However, if a team can finish the tide, this is the LSU. At the beginning of 2018, the tigers staged a killer strike and shot down three top 10 teams on their way to a 7-1 record. Ed Orgeron's only team is the only program that can realistically halt Bama's Marching march to the SEC West title – but as a 15-point outsider, Saturday's victory would be Orgeron's biggest achievement and LSU's biggest win since 2007 national title.

The S & P + reviews see Bama as the national team of the USA. The numbers are not so cheap for the LSU, which occupies the 13th place. Maybe that's because of the devaluation of the victories against the former Top 10 teams Miami and Auburn, who are now a bit annoying. Or maybe it's because numbers can not quantify the Cajun rage, which motivates the tigers over their circumstances and leads to great success on the bayou.

Nevertheless, it is Bama who usually defeats LSU, but rarely shocking. Tides at 11.

  • Time: 8 pm ET
  • place: Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, LA
  • TV: CBS
  • streaming: SEC on CBS, fuboTV
  • opportunities: Alabama is favored by 15 points.

I think we can brake it on the ground. We are 21st in the country and stop the run according to S & P. ​​We have also kept them so that they were below average values ​​for the last two years on the ground. I'm comfortable with that.

Where things get dangerous is their temporary attack because Tua is so good. He is able to make progress, make accurate balls on the field and perform the check-downs if he has to. I was thrilled when I saw the movie. I knew the numbers stood out. But the movie makes it all the more impressive.

Is Joe Burrow's inexperience with Alabama a good feature?

Let me finish. Alabama is not just a team. It's a ghost hanging during the college football season, a demoralizing force that ruins your village and salt the earth behind it.

Only Burrow knows that because he has never played the tide before. So he'll have a little more confidence, a bit more talk than a player who scored just 10 points in 2017 against Alabama. Or he was excluded in 2016. The starter in the first year has a lot of fagot, which leads to the biggest game of his football career. The question is how much he made of it.


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