Bamberg wins again and is cautious about the playoffs / New coach Perwas makes Frankfurt happy, Paulding’s three saves Oldenburg at the last second

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The coach is changed in Frankfurt, and the measure immediately has an effect. Under interim coach Klaus Perwas, currently also active as assistant coach of the national team, the Skyliners in Braunschweig finally get a win again after 8 defeats! Not last anymore! The game is full of interruptions and whistles, which Will Cherry didn’t give a damn about. He was “proud that we can celebrate an ugly victory in the end.” For Frankfurt’s manager Marco Völler, the search for a trainer should be “approached with calmness and common sense.” Oldenburg’s Rickey Paulding played well in the 86:85 against Göttingen and scored important points in the relegation battle with a last-second three-pointer. “We need more emotions,” coach Ingo Freyer demanded from the entire team, especially from the bench. Hamburg lost 75:79 against Ludwigsburg and stopped on the threshold of the play-offs. The giants, on the other hand, march on as third. After 3 games without a win, Bamberg finally managed to win again against MBC. Justin Robinson announces Bamberg’s goal: “Of course our goal is to make the play-offs.” Würzburg achieved the second important success in the relegation battle with a 97:77 against Heidelberg.

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Lowen Braunschweig – FRAPORT Skyliners 67:72

The Frankfurters are in the middle of a relegation battle and are finally celebrating a win again! Eight defeats in a row were too much for the club management. Diego Ocampo had to vacate his post and will be replaced by assistant coach Klaus Perwas for the time being. He was able to celebrate the long-awaited victory in his first game. The Skyliners overtake Gießen for the time being and are in 17th place. Will Cherry was relieved: “It feels good to win after such a long time. We had our problems. We didn’t play the quarters well and we had big leads It’s a pity that the coach had to go. I wish he could be here today. He played just as big a part in the win as anyone else. But I also have to commend our new coach, Klaus Perwas. He played in We’ve done everything in the last 2 days to keep us focused here.” Many interruptions and whistles accompanies the game. An ugly win? Cherry: “It wasn’t nice. But that’s most of the games in the BBL… We knew it was going to be a game like this. Braunschweig didn’t just give us the win. I’m proud that we ended up with an ugly win to celebrate.”

Braunschweig’s Owen Klassen also noticed that something has changed with the Skyliners: “I don’t think we can only look at the end of the game. You have to look at the whole game. They were there with more struggle and energy than we were right from the start . I don’t know if it was the change of coach or something else. They came into the game very aggressively and were physically there on defense. That didn’t help our offense.” The injury to David Kramer, who twisted his ankle during the game, is certainly not helpful for Braunschweig: “It’s just part of the game. But we as a team have to absorb it and still get the win.”

Frankfurt Manager Sport Marco Völler on the change of coach:

“Contrary to what might have been assumed, we toyed with the idea of ​​taking this step much later. When things go badly, it’s not just a single person to blame. There were also a lot of other things that went wrong this season. After the important and decisive game against Würzburg we then decided to take the next step. We’ve tried a lot of other things over the course of the season. We re-signed and had the training camp in Mallorca. But it didn’t work out the way we wanted it to would have. That’s why we’ve now taken the step.”

Völler on a successor: “Talks are ongoing and we’re looking. Klaus is doing it temporarily. Klaus has a lot of experience. I would say more than any other assistant coach in the Bundesliga. We’re trying to do as much as possible Calm. We don’t have that much time left, but we’re trying to approach it calmly and sensibly and choose the right candidate for it.”

Klaus Perwas, Fraport Skyliners interim coach: “The results weren’t there and that’s the way it is in the business. We can no longer swap players, we no longer have licenses. Unfortunately, the situation is that the coach usually has to go. Me I think they took it calmly because it was kind of foreseeable.”

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EWE Baskets Oldenburg – BG Göttingen 86:85

Rickey Paulding makes Oldenburg tremble. The oldie decides the game in the last second with a threesome for Oldenburg, who are in danger of relegation and who continue to build a small cushion down. Coach Ingo Freyer: “We deliberately played a completely different type of defense. We won in the end, so that was good again, but we usually play defense and offense much more aggressively. That’s why we play the style I like We also need a little more from the bank. We have players who have not yet given what I would like from the bank. Emotions. We need more emotions, we have to attack more. It’s still easy much, much more important.”

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After the defeat, the people from Göttingen remain in 7th place and are therefore right in the middle of the playoff race. Stephen Brown: “It’s a very tough defeat for us when you see how the game is ending. We didn’t want to end it like that. Especially not when we were up to that point by 2 points. But that’s the game .”

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Hamburg Towers – MHP GIANT Ludwigsburg 75:79

The MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg win a high-class game in Hamburg and jump to third place in the table for the time being. Jordan Hulls: “It’s my time now to take shots and hit here. My team has always put me in good positions and as soon as I saw the 1st try go in, the basket just kept getting bigger for me. I’m very happy it all worked out.”

The Hamburg Towers miss the jump to a playoff place and remain in 9th place behind Crailsheim. Seth Hinrichs: “It’s tough when they hit so many difficult shots. I think we played pretty well, fought, but unfortunately we’re not getting that many wins at the moment.”

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Brose Bamberg – SYNTAINICS MBC 87:78

Inverted worlds in Bamberg: Bamberg wins after 3 games without a win, MBC loses another game after 3 wins. Bamberg is still aiming for the play-offs, MBC jumps to 13th place despite the defeat, but remains in the relegation battle. Weißenfels player Sergio Kerusch now has to build on the performances of the last few weeks: “This season has had a lot of ups and downs. I was in today and it went very well. It was a good game against a good team. It was very close and could have gone either way. But in the end we were defeated… In the last few games we got our confidence back. Now we can keep up with teams like Bamberg. We have to build on that and attack.”

And for Bamberg maybe something is still possible in terms of play-offs? But Justin Robinson doesn’t want to let his cards be looked at too much: “We’re taking it from game to game. Of course, our goal is to reach the play-offs.”

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s.Oliver Würzburg – MLP Academics Heidelberg 97:77

The Würzburg celebrate an extremely important victory in the relegation battle, keeping Giessen and Frankfurt at a distance. Charles Callison on the reasons for the clear victory: “The defense. We had a lot of rebounds and stops and took our chances up front. That brought us the win today.

For Heidelberg, after the last 2 wins, there was another bankruptcy in the league. The team slips down to 14th place. Head Coach Branislav Ignjatovic: “First of all, we are not alone on the field. You mustn’t forget that Würzburg put in a very strong attacking performance. I think if I remember well, it’s at They didn’t miss an important shot. They hit everything.”

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