Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Ban sports, who decides?


With a Grand Poitiers in 40 municipalities, the management of the sports grounds, grassed arises in the case of inclement weather.

We will play a bit less football and rugby this weekend in the city of Poitiers. The fault at the wrong time, but especially to land which is too fat where the studs are not welcome. But since that Grand Poitiers is increased from 13 to 40 common, issues arise in the clubs and in the small towns.

53 land concerned

An example among others: “Knowing that I have to play this weekend at Chauvigny, and that the common has become part of Grand Poitiers, is that the land will be prohibited? ” Said like that, one would be tempted to respond logically yes. But the order issued by Grand Poitiers to cancel all meetings on land which is grassed, which is applicable until Sunday (14 January) does in fact only 53 pitches on grass (46 soccer pitches and 7 rugby pitches). Land, mainly located on the former Grand Poitiers in 13 municipalities. Only two rugby fields of St George have been included in this list (*) that the services of Grand Poitiers we have communicated.
as Well, the lands of Lusignan, Rusty, Jaunay-Marigny, Chauvigny… and those of the new communes of Grand Poitiers are not affected by this order. It is sporting equipment, which are not (yet) the jurisdiction of the urban community of Grand Poitiers. The clubs of these municipalities to check with their town hall. As before.

Not the same time
Rusty and Chauvigny

And tomorrow? If Great Poitiers shows the overall terrain of the 40 municipalities, what will be the decision in the case of inclement weather? Especially if he drops a ton of water to be Rusty and not a drop to Chauvigny? It would direct then to a case-by-case ?
Currently if no field weeds is not available and that an order has been made, the fallback solution is to play on synthetic pitches… except that the agglomeration of Poitiers only has three synthetic pitches.
The services of Grand Poitiers recall finally that they realize ” an accurate assessment of the state of the field and planning to preserve as much as possible the land. The other, is that we make sure that every match can play out. The order is always taken as a last recours “.

(*) to this list we must add six lands stabilized and three synthetic.

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