After an image was released on social networks in which a branch of Azteca Bank invites its users to “advance their credit for a possible closure of operations by a week or two” in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the company ruled out applying such a measure.

Until now, the bank of the Mexican businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego has not announced support for citizens, as others have.

It should be remembered that Citibanamex, Banorte, HSBC, Scotiabank, Santander, BBVA, among other banks, announced aid to their users, such as paying interest-free months on credit cards and freezing debts.

They also offered to defer payments or interest for up to six months due to the health contingency that the country is experiencing due to the coronavirus.

For his part, Azteca Bank did not announce this type of measures and instead, according to The Sun of Mexico, They are now investigating the branch that allegedly asked its users to advance payment of their credits by up to two weeks.

It should be remembered that the announcement indicated that in this way clients would retain the benefits of “their punctual payment”, rejecting that it is a policy of the institution.


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