Banco Nación Argentina began the delivery of debit and credit cards

For more than a month, more than 100 BNA agents will be dedicated to the task. Among the most important novelties, the annexes of Terrazas del Portezuelo and EDIRO will become the BNA and its ATMs to the Link network. Soon, another 70 ATMs will be added throughout the province, which will have a total of 23 branches. More than 140 employees of Banco Supervielle will be absorbed. The operation began this Monday in the Puntanidad Hall and will take place throughout the week.

From 8:00 in the Puntanidad Hall, more than 100 agents of the Banco de la Nación Argentina began to deliver their respective debit and credit cards to the public employees of the Province, in a pilot test that will last until 6:00 p.m. :00 with special authorities and Tuesday will be the start of the schedule for the agents of the San Luis capital. Deliveries will be made according to the first letter of the surname with the published schedule where the methodology for Villa Mercedes and also the rest of the interior is explained.

Gastón Álvarez, Principal Deputy General Manager of Business at Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA), pointed out that this operational deployment will last more than a month where, in addition to the new plastics, “we are bringing a package of important benefits not only for agents of the public administration but for all the inhabitants of San Luis”.

Álvarez highlighted BNA as “the only bank that has lines of credit for home renovations and expansions here in San Luis for up to 10 years in personal loans (we are not talking about mortgage loans) and other main benefits are in the use of credit cards, particularly the BNA and its application BNA+ is the bank with the most users – it has 7 million – and through it we assign different benefits to all our clients in terms of promotions, discounts with businesses in the region”, said.

Asked about the details of the transition from one banking entity to another, Gastón Álvarez stated: “We have transferred the ATMs that the Supervielle bank had as a first measure and secondly we will be bringing San Luis in a period of time, 70 new ATMs and we also have six mobile phones such as those stationed at the entrance of the Puntanidad Hall where you can go and carry out any operation, they will travel to different points of the provincial territory”, he clarified.

“Banco Nación is going to absorb the credit portfolio of personal loans and they are going to continue to have the same term, in addition, the BNA is going to offer other benefits better than those they had with a lower interest rate and with really important terms and the credit cards that they had in the Supervielle bank are going to have them in the Banco Nación”, he stressed.

The new financial agent of the Province will expand its presence in San Luis, bringing to 23 business units between branches and annexes.

“Today the bank had six business units at the provincial level and it is going to have 23, we will absorb around 140 employees of the Supervielle bank, no one is going to be left without a job,” said Gastón Álvarez, who said “in the capital of San Luis we will transfer the branch located in the annex of Terrazas del Portezuelo and EDIRO, which will become part of the BNA and its ATMs that belong to the Banelco Network will be part of the BNA, that is, the Link Network. Between branches and annexes there are 17 new business units”.

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This Monday the delivery of Banco Nación debit and credit cards to public employees will begin

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Note, photos and videos: ANSL.