Banco Provincia went on to clarify that the alleged “false emails” are true

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In the last hours, it began to circulate on social networks that were sending false emails from Banco Provincia with the intention of stealing the data. From the bank they came out to clarify that they are official and those who receive them are out of danger.

“If you received an Informative Account Statement from your email, don’t worry! It is our digital communication service through which you will receive free of charge”, they assured from BAPRO on their social networks.

As they indicated, there is an intention behind the viralization and they ask those who receive the supposed alert messages not to continue viralizing them.


This medium, in today’s session, received several of the messages that began to circulate about the supposed “false emails” that BAPRO ended up confirming that they were true:

“For those who have an account at Banco Provincia. It seems that they informed the Bank that they are sending an email, which seems official (with logo and everything) that refers to an account statement, with a PDF that is accessed by entering the BIP code. Do not open it because it is a fraud. They take all the data from you. Delete the mail directly and inform the people you know that they have an account. They are already reporting cases that were opened to the Bank. I received it. “

“Hello, I read that this same email was being received in Necochea as a scam method called” phishing “. I received it in my email yesterday and I deleted it without reading carefully what it asked for to access the information because I received on paper the details of my bank movements. I wanted to warn you to spread it because I am from La Plata and it seems that they are trying to hack us into accounts massively. “



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