Banco Sabadell facilitates the management of finances for the self-employed and businesses

Sunday, July 3, 2022, 07:56

Banco Sabadell’s ‘pills’ return to The entity continues to bet on bringing all possible information to its clients and future clients through a series of videos from its experts, resolving their doubts in any of the areas that affect their day-to-day and professional activity. Among them are the self-employed and businesses, a group of professionals to whom they allocate a range of products differentiated by sector and to whom managers and directors specializing in their financial needs are placed at their disposal. “Each sector and business has particularities that make it worthy of a specific offer of specific products and services”, details Ramón Satorra, commercial director of the Eastern Territory of the entity. That is why they have developed a battery of offers for more than 40 sectors, identifying for each case products and services aligned with their real needs. In addition, they have more than 50 business directors in the Region of Murcia to understand and meet these needs. “The human factor is the key to the relationship with our clients and we are clear that a manager at the client’s side adds a lot of value to our offer and allows us to strengthen lasting relationships over time,” says the expert. Proof of this is an action designed for bars and restaurants for the summer campaign, taking into account the restrictions they have suffered in recent years due to the pandemic, in which an intelligent POS stands out to improve service to its customers and better understand their tastes and values.

Regardless of the type of business or sector in which they work, these professionals have to distinguish between accounts with a professional and personal destination, as Satorra advises, which in turn will distinguish between collection and payment operations. This makes it possible to differentiate between two types of financing by the financial institution: personal, where the purchase of housing for one’s own use with a personal mortgage, credit card or personal consumption enters; and a professional one, which includes the purchase of ground floors or premises to develop the profession, purchase of fixed assets or current financing.

new way to buy

After the Covid pandemic, the use of cash has decreased and home deliveries have increased, that is, the customer has significantly changed the way they buy, with the internet booming. “It is clear that there is less use of cash and everything leads to a popularization of alternative forms of payment: now we pay more with cards, through mobile phones, watches or social networks,” says Ramón Satorra.

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Given this scenario, businesses and freelancers must offer alternative forms of payment, addressing this digitization with the offer of their products through various channels to be close to their customers and be able to sell. “The payment method most used today is the bank card, which experiences a significant increase in the figures it moves year after year, and has become the payment method par excellence,” he clarifies. For in-person collections, the expert recommends point-of-sale terminals or POS terminals as “the simplest, fastest and cheapest solution”, which Banco Sabadell incorporates contact-less payment for Smartphones, smart watches and other electronic devices. “In the case of sales at the customer’s home (home delivery), or distance sales, this type of device can connect via GPRS to achieve coverage outside the customer’s business,” he points out.

Protection under any situation

For a self-employed person or the owner of a business, it is important to feel safe and be able to safeguard their economic interests and receive compensation in the event of illness, theft or accident. In this case, Banco Sabadell’s Self-Employed Subsidy Insurance offers protection against sick leave and accident with an innovative scale system “that guarantees maximum clarity before, during and after sick leave,” says Satorra. «From the first day you have all the information regarding the amount you are going to receive. The only thing you will need is to check the start of sick leave and what is the pathology that is included in the medical report », he clarifies. Thus, the collection will be immediate as a full subsidy-single payment without further formalities.

In short, Banco Sabadell has Merchants Insurance which, in addition to protecting the professional, the business and the clients, has legal defense coverage, which will assume the expenses derived from the legal defense of their interests. “Our insurance ‘packages’ extensive coverage that we can customize, adapting to your concerns and the needs of the business,” reports the commercial director of the Eastern Territory of the entity. As for civil liability coverage, it is what differs most due to the economic impact it entails, since it only has a limit per claim. “In the event that they enter my business with clients and employees inside, they would have coverage of up to 200 euros per person in plundering clients and employees, with a maximum of 3,000 euros for the set of plundering in the same criminal act,” communicates Satorra , including in this case the property for private use of the insured with up to 500 euros per claim.

“For all the details and casuistry, our managers will be able to advise you and even put at your disposal expert specialists in business insurance who will be able to travel to find the best solution,” clarifies the professional, emphasizing the value of the entity in offering coverage based on circumstances and adapting to its clients to make their day-to-day easier in the face of any inconvenience.