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Banco Santander signs with the unions the ERE to 3,223 workers

Santander Bankhas subscribed this Monday with the unionsthe Employment Regulation File (ERE) to 3,223 people from the workforce, after the management of the entity reduced the ERE by 13% last week compared to the3,713 extinctions initially planned.

The agreement, signed by 83% of the table, improves the latest conditions and involves a reduction in the number of people affected by the file in 494 people, as highlighted by UGT and CC.OO. Trade unions have highlighted theimprovement of compensation packagesto guarantee voluntariness through a process of secondment that will be "extended over time" and the protection of the most vulnerable groups, with premium packages even higher than those agreed in past dossiers.

Specifically, since the signing this Monday opens the deadline for voluntary adscriptions is structured into three different groups. Thus, for central services, corporate center and intermediary structures the deadline to register is this Wednesday, July 19, with an execution date until July 31.

In the case of the commercial network, the deadline for subscribing is November 15 and the execution date until December 31, while for the areas of human resources, network control, retail attention unit and risks the deadline for to be registered is January 31 of next year, with an execution date of March 31, 2020.

Among the conditions of the ERE, there are higher premiums to enhance volunteerism in all sections, with up to 11,000 euros more premium than in the ERE of 2017 in the section under 50 years and up to 26,000 euros more premium in the 50 to 54 section. It also establishes a revaluation of contributions to Social Security from 50 to 54 years and financial conditions with preferential interest for personal loans for the first time (Euribor +3). It also includes the exclusion of geographical mobility of 400 kilometers and inter-island mobility in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands and follow-up commissions from 15 days after the start of the application for better control.

By age brackets, the upper section is matched with the central services for those over 55 years old and protects people aged 50 to 54 with an additional premium of 15,000 euros. Specifically, to cover the extinctions, Santander will offer employees between 55 and 61 years old to retire with 80% of the pensionable salary or with 75% plus 60% of the voluntary supplement, while those over 62 will be paid the equivalent to 20 days per year worked, with the limit of one annuity, and without premiums. For its part, the group between 50 and 54 years may leave the entity with 60% of the pensionable salary of six years and a ceiling of 380,000 euros, without unemployment discount and with a special agreement with Social Security up to 63 years, upgradeable up to a maximum of 3%. This group will also give voluntary bonuses of 2,000 euros for each full three-year period worked, an additional premium of between 5,000 and 30,000 euros depending on their age and another of 15,000 euros.

As for the workers of 49 years or less, or those who have a higher age but do not accumulate 15 years old, the extinctions will be accompanied by compensation of 40 days per year worked, up to a maximum of 24 monthly payments. This group will also have voluntary premiums of 2,000 euros for each three year period and others between 5,000 and 30,000 euros depending on the number of years in the bank.

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