Bancolombia will support the operators winning the spectrum auction

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The entity issued guarantees for more than $ 3 billion, which represent 43% of the total required by the MinTIC to award the permit.

Heidy Monterrosa –

Bancolombia announced that it will support telecommunications operators that won the spectrum auction to bring more broadband internet to different parts of the country.

The entity issued four bank guarantees for $ 3 billion, representing 43% of the total required by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MinTIC) to award permits for the use of the electromagnetic spectrum in the 2500MHZ and 700MHz bands, which are with those who Internet service coverage will be expanded.

These guarantees are for two years and are automatically renewable for the time the spectrum use permit was granted (20 years). This instrument supports the obligations assumed by the telecommunications companies, and ensures that the State will receive the resources that the operators promised to pay.

This gives free rein to the execution of the projects, whose planned investment exceeds $ 2.2 trillion in the next five years. The initiatives seek that 3,658 localities in rural areas of the country can count on 4G mobile internet in the medium term, which translates into development, well-being and access to more opportunities for an estimated population of 20 million people.


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