Bangkok Governor reveals that Khlong Chong Nonsi Public Park has made almost 50% progress and is expected to open for use on December 25.

Today (November 24) Pol. Gen. Asawin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok (Governor of Bangkok) revealed the progress of the construction of Khlong Chong Nonsi Park. under the concept of ‘Chong Nonsi canal is more than a drainage canal’, stating that Bangkok is developing the city’s infrastructure. which the canal is another infrastructure that has been with Bangkok for a long time. Making people come back to live closer to the canal as in the past will happen soon.

“Klong Chong Nonsi is located in the heart of the city. In an important business district where there are a lot of people In the past, it was just a drainage route for both natural water and wastewater from buildings that flowed together in this canal. The memories of people passing by around there are canals with polluted, rotten water, unsightly,” said Asawin.

Lt. Gen. Asawin further said that The development of Khlong Chong Nonsi to be a public park is another project that will turn the canal from being just a drainage channel to make it more useful. By focusing on the management of wastewater that is separated from the bile, not to combine. The separated wastewater is treated to be used for purging wastewater in other canals connected to the Chong Nonsi Canal. and also to increase the green area to be the resting place of the city people It is an area for doing exercises, using a canal to connect people. for everyone to benefit together The construction was carried out in the second phase from Sathorn Road to Soi Narathiwat Ratchanakarin 7.

by improving to have a walkway on the canal There is an activity area and a waterfall. which is the water in the treated canal Separated from the sewage below in the sewer under the canal. At this time, the trees have been planted in the area to be seen as a green area. and adding a walkway connecting the BRT, with construction progress accounting for 47.8%, as scheduled to open to the public and tourists on December 25.

However, when completed, Khlong Chong Nonsi will be ‘Thailand’s first canal park’ with a total distance of 9 kilometers on both sides, divided into 5 phases of construction, which will be completed in August 2022. It is considered the starting point to bring people and the canal closer together like In the past, Bangkok used to be a city of canals once again.