Banker António Domingues «resigns» from the vice presidency of Banco de Fomento Angola

Maurício Vieira Dias

July 11, 2020 at 11:03 am

The experienced Portuguese banker António Domingues, this week, submitted a resignation from the position of vice president of Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA) to the institution’s shareholders, confided to NJ sources linked to the national banking system.

The official resigned from his role in the second largest bank in assets of the Angolan financial system, for allegedly disagreeing with the “bad practices” related to credit and business, our interlocutors revealed.

After submitting his resignation letter, António Domingues, who has been at BFA for three years, “dissatisfied”, sent another letter to the governor of the National Bank of Angola (BNA), José de Lima Massano, where he explains the reasons that led to the decision being taken, a situation that forced the regulator of the national banking system to invite him to a meeting, an act that would have occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 7, after the presentation to the press of the new kwanza family, detailed the sources.

“On Tuesday, the BNA called some top BFA managers for an urgent meeting due to the letter that António Domingues delivered to the regulator”, with the Novo Jornal failing to ascertain the points discussed at the meeting.

NJ contacted BFA, by email, to obtain more information about the resignation of the Portuguese banker, but was unsuccessful because, at 13:33 minutes on Wednesday, 8, the Institutional Relations Directorate from BFA limited itself to replying “we received your request for clarification and, as soon as possible, we count on giving an answer”.

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