Banking studies: La Bceao launches the 44th class of Cofeb

The Central Bank of West African States (Bceao) is launching a call for applications for the forty-fourth promotion of the diploma cycle of the West African Center for Banking Training and Studies (Cofeb).

Giving the right to a Master II in Finance and Banking Management, this cycle includes nine months of theoretical lessons at Cofeb, at the Bceao headquarters in Dakar and four months of application internship outside the Center sanctioned by a thesis to be defended in front of a jury.

The training is open to agents of community structures and regional financial institutions, African central banks. It is aimed at holders of at least a Bac + 4 level diploma in legal, economic, management or equivalent sciences, or justifying 60 credits of the first year of a Master (M1) in the same disciplines.
Applicants must be under the age of 40 on January 1, 2021 and have at least two years of professional experience by that date. Interested parties are invited to register online until May 31st.

The Cofeb was created by Bceao with the aim of ensuring the development of its human resources and contributing to the capacity building of executives of economic and financial administrations, banks and financial institutions as well as decentralized financial systems (Sfd) of the States. members of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (Uemoa).

Scholarships are awarded to the first five candidates from each State of the Union declared admitted and having obtained the most points on the selection criteria approved by the Scientific Committee of the Center. These are: the grade obtained in the level test (tests in general accounting, money and credit, microeconomics, macroeconomics and financial mathematics), age (bonus for the youngest); gender (bonus for women), professional experience and the diploma presented. The laureates, who do not benefit from the Bceao scholarship, can request that their training be paid for by their home organization or by other structures.