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The exhibition “The Mystery of Banksy” will be on view in Hamburg until December 11th. It was originally supposed to end on October 3rd. More than 80,000 visitors have already visited the traveling exhibition on Mönckebergstrasse.

Banksy fascinates with his works, his rejection of all art world conventions and his anonymity. The traveling exhibition has been on since June “The Mystery of Banksy – A Genius Mind” can be seen in a former department store near Hamburg Central Station. The show shows more than 150 replicas of the street art superstar’s works on an area of ​​3,000 square meters – including graffiti, photographs, sculptures, video installations and prints on various materials. Since March 2021, more than 600,000 visitors from all over Germany have visited the exhibition’s stations in Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg and Bremen.

Exhibition on Banksy’s complete stencil graffiti work

The exhibition aims to provide an overview of the street artist’s oeuvre. “The works were made for the public. Unfortunately, most of them no longer exist and we want to return them to the public here in this format,” says curator Virginia Jean and exhibition organizer Oliver Forster explains: “We want to make art an experience, visible to everyone and brought together in one place.”

In the last room you see a boat crammed with refugees. There is a donation box next to it. The tour of Banksy’s sprayed, installed or painted works in over 20 countries around the world is definitely worthwhile and suitable for the masses.

The reading material from  "Mixed Doubles" from March 6, 2012 on NDR Kultur © NDR Photo: Patricia Batlle

AUDIO: Gianni Mercurio (Hg.): “The Art of Banksy” (5 Min)

“Most of the works are privately owned”

“Banksy is first and foremost a street artist known for his graffiti, which he has spread all over the world. Besides that, he started selling original signed artworks and limited edition prints on and off fairly early on. The Most of them are privately owned and are therefore not open to the public. So being able to marvel at an original Banksy is an absolute rarity,” says Oliver Forster.

Artist Banksy remains anonymous

Barrier wall with Banksy graffito, Palestinian side, between Bethlehem, West Bank and Jerusalem.  © picture alliance / imageBROKER |  Hartmut Pöstges Photo: Hartmut Pöstges

Banksy secretly paints his graffiti all over the world – here on a barrier wall near Bethlehem.

What remains hidden is the identity of the iconic Banksy, who is said to have been born in Bristol and is thought to be between the ages of 45 and 50. The only thing that is certain is that his works are celebrated worldwide and achieve record sums in the major auction houses. The exhibition is a homage – the works shown there are not authorized by the artist due to its anonymous status.

Further information

A graffiti artwork by Banksy © picture alliance / Geisler-Fotopress Photo: Dennis Van Tine/Geisler-Fotopress

Art historian Ulrich Blanché is a Banksy expert. He suspects that he was younger than 50 when Schaumaler began and only then became anonymous. more

The Banksy work is sold at Sotheby's auction house "Love is the Bin" auctioned.  © dap bildfunk/Sotheby's Auction House/AP Photo: Haydon Perrior

AUDIO: Banksy artwork fetches £16m at auction (5 mins)

Banksy exhibition in Hamburg extended until December

The traveling exhibition “The Mystery of Banksy”, which shows replicas of the artist, remains in Hamburg until December 11th.


former building Galeria Kaufhof
Mönckebergstr. 3

Adults from 18 euros / students and concessions 14 euros / young people up to 15 years 10 euros / children under 7 years free

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