Barakaldo will place cameras on mechanical ramps to avoid vandalism

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Barakaldo City Council will use surveillance cameras to stop acts of vandalism in the dozen mechanical accesses that exist in the municipality. The factory Consistory has just installed three security cameras on the ramps of Eguskiagirre, the most recent. These will be followed by those of Llano and Rontegi, where a gap was already prepared when preparing the pipes to receive the necessary wiring. The Local Police will have access to the images that are recorded to ensure that those who spoil these services “pay for it.”

This was stated yesterday by the mayor of Barakaldo, Amaia del Campo, who said “it is necessary to take action.” “The great majority of the failures that are recorded in the operation of these accesses are due to sudden stops, handrail breaks, sticks that are placed between the ramps to make them stop …”, he exemplified. The jeltzale governor warned of the “growing concern” among the neighbors, who suffer as a first consequence to find these useless aid.

Del Campo announced that the placement of the cameras will be extended to the accesses that will be installed in the future, such as the elevators of Etxatxu and La Siebe, which are expected to be contracted this year. They will also be included in the renovation of the stairs of Arteagagoiko and La Inmaculada.

Currently, Barakaldo has mechanical ramps, stairs and panoramic elevators. The latter, in Murrieta and Grupo Mendia, already had security cameras. They also had the ramps on Ibarra Street, to which last week the ones placed in Eguskiagirre were added.

In this street there are two sections of mechanical ramps, at the height of the Sanitas residence, next to the intersection with Gernikako Arbola. The works will continue with a second phase that will add three ramps over 36, 65 and 26 meters in length to Arteagabeitia. At the end of last year the neighbors of the Aforados group denounced the proximity of the structure with their homes. In some cases, they feared that even the proximity of the handrails could make it difficult to open the windows, as well as the noise problem. After meeting with them, the Consistory modified the project to move the accesses of the landscaped area to the sidewalk, the mayor explained.

Del Campo hoped that the installation of the cameras will help prevent some mechanical accesses from remaining “for days and even weeks” without being able to use, as is often reported in social networks. «I cannot understand that some can enjoy breaking the facilities that are of all the baracaldeses, including those who spoil them. We are going to take a firm step so that those who spoil them with vandalism pay for it, ”he said. The cameras of the Eguskiagirre ramps have been placed on poles also equipped with light bulbs. No posters have been installed warning of the presence of the cameras, since the images they take can only be reviewed by the Local Police.



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