BARBARIAN DRAMA: Lionel Messi revealed how his family reacted when he told them he wanted to leave FC Barcelona

He knew that nowhere else would he be as comfortable as in the city of Barcelona, ​​where he has built a life for two decades. However, it was clear that he wanted to leave Barça. So, as dramatic as the moment when she told her family that her idea was to leave was, she did not consider staying.

“When I communicated the decision to my wife, my children, or to assume it myself, it was a barbaric drama. Crying, my children asking me not to go, that they didn’t want to leave Barcelona, ​​that they have their life, their school, their friends; that they did not want to change schools. But I looked a little further and I want to enjoy the last years that I have left, and compete to win the Champions League. It was always what I wanted for all these years. Try to compete and fight to win it. Then you can win it or not, because the Champions League is very difficult, but at least compete it, and fight it, and be there. Not what happened to us in recent years, both in Rome, as in Liverpool, or with Bayern Munich now “, he declared, in the exclusive interview he gave to Goal.

He did not stay out of personal desire or because of the position of his children, but because President Josep Maria Bartomeu did not keep his word or the agreement that had been signed. He used the loophole generated by the change in the calendar (caused by COVID-19) to make him see that they would only let him go via the termination clause.

“We were sure that I was free, the president always said that at the end of the season I could decide if I stayed or not and now they hold on to the fact that I did not say it before June 10, when on June 10 we were still competing for the League. in fear of this shitty virus and of this disease that all the dates were altered. And, well, this is the reason why I’m going to continue at the club. Because he (president) told me that the only way out was to pay the clause (700 million), which is impossible, obviously; and if not go to trial. And going to trial is crazy. I would never go to court against the club that I love, which gave me everything, which helped me since I arrived, the club of my life. I have my life made in Barcelona. I grew up here, I lived it all, he gave me everything, I also gave everything for this club. And it never crossed my mind to end up suing the club to get out “.

Not even his family would have stopped him.

He stayed because they put him between a rock or a hard place. Or the clause or judgment. And he didn’t want this to end in a legal battle. They managed to keep him, yes, but in a management without codes. Because they used a sudden change of dates (caused by a health crisis) to breach the pact that had been reached.

Statements: Goal.


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