Barça advances in the signing of Gundogan and lowers the option Bernardo Silva

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the economic situation of Barcelona will mark the sports planning. The happy financial ‘fair play’ once again conditions the Catalan club, which is still waiting to know what it will be able to aspire to. But it seems that the dream of Xavi, the player who has been asking for two years, loses steam: Bernardo Silva it is practically impossible. But as an alternative, the option grows Ilkay Gundoganhis teammate at Manchester City, whose contract ends and continues without renewing.

The English team will not make it easy to sell an essential player for them such as the Portuguese. Bernardo would be ideal and Xavi he wants it since he arrived. The player does want to leave City and would be delighted to be able to play in Barcelonabut the Catalan club cannot face an operation of 70-80 million euros, in addition to the player’s file, who will not wear Barça to earn less money than at his current club.

As a first level alternative is Gundogan, who will turn 33 in October, but who is at a high level at City this year. In fact, the English see his continuity as good, but they do not agree with the German international, who can play as a midfielder and as an interior midfielder. A footballer who plays on the inside, the team supports you when Pedri is not there and who has an arrival and a goal from the second line.

He Barça He has already made progress with his environment, as MD has been reporting, and the player welcomes wearing a blaugrana. Although the negotiations are on standby until it is more clear how the ‘fair play’ remains.

Parejo, another affordable option

Another of the names that the Barça has as an alternative for the center of the field is Daniel Parejo, who next month turns 34 years old. It is another market opportunity because in Barcelona they believe that they could release him. It would be a replacement for Busi, regardless of the captain’s decision, but he can also play inside. He is a footballer who is at a good level in the Villarealknows the League well, joins the team and has the last pass.

for now, Gundogan He would be ahead of Parejo, although it is not ruled out that the two end up arriving in summer.