Barça assumes the obligatory renovation of Memphis

The BarçHe focuses a large part of his budget on transfers in the hiring of a ‘9’ to help him alleviate the goalscoring deficit that he has dragged on since Messi’s departure. With Haaland already on payroll Manchester City, the objective is to be reinforced with one of the top strikers on the market. But beyond the crack that is coming, Xavi wants a powerful attack and Memphis (28 years old) is, without a doubt, an asset.

The Dutchman has a contract until 2023 and his approach is to stay in the Barça. He assumes the role that he currently has and that forces him to fight for each title, but he is convinced that he has a Barça career beyond the two years he signed. When such a short time was posed, Memphis he was aware of the difficulties but he didn’t care. His commitment to the club and the dressing room have done the rest.

In it Camp Nou they are open to everything. Send the demand for a war economy and they will study all offers, by Memphis or by any other player with few exceptions. Whether he stays or not, however, renewal is a must. They can’t let it go at zero cost.

The approach is on the table but sources from the club consulted by MD have explained that they will attend to his case when the season ends -there are only three days left- and that his future must go through an extension but in conditions that are in line with ‘financial fair play’ ‘ and that others have already accepted. A downward renovation.

On June 19, 2021, the Barça made the hiring official Memphis. He arrived with the freedom letter under his arm. His termination clause amounted to 500 ‘kilos’. There were no other conditions, neither by parties nor unilaterally, as this newspaper has already clarified. There could be a verbal pact of will but nothing more. In the negotiations, the predisposition of the striker, who admitted that he was fascinated by the call of the Barçadid the rest and the two parties agreed on the suitability of a short two-year contract, in order to recover the signing bonus if it was convenient

[+] Last week he said “I want to be important in the team next year and several more years”


Last week he said “I want to be important in the team next year and several more years”

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