Barca goalkeeper almost clashed with Carvajal

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The hot moment happened after the victory Barcelona above Real Madrid 2-1. Barca’s third goalkeeper Arnau Tenas clashed with Madrid’s right-back Dani Carvajal.

Barca succeeded in defeating its eternal rival in El Clasico at Camp Nou, Monday (20/3/2023) in the morning WIB. The cules went behind after Ronald Araujo scored an own goal in the early minutes of the game but eventually came back thanks to goals from Sergi Roberto and Franck Kessie.

These results bring Barcelona closer to the 2022/2023 LaLiga championship ladder. Barca are now 12 points ahead of Madrid on the standings while the competition has only 12 matches left.

The commotion between Tenas and Carvajal occurred in the middle of the victory celebrations that were carried out by the Barcelona players on the field after the match.

In the clip that has been widely circulated on social media, Carvajal approaches the 21-year-old goalkeeper while saying something. The Spanish international player’s words apparently sparked Tenas’ emotions.

A number of players and staff, including Thibaut Courtois, Antonio Ruediger and Araujo tried to keep Tenas and Carvajal apart to prevent fist fights from occurring. Araujo even fell while trying to restrain his junior.

Their tension after the Barcelona players managed to lead Tenas away from Dani Carvajal. It is not yet known what Carvajal said to Tenas.

Arnau Tenas has yet to make an appearance in the Barcelona first team. However, Tenas will see Carvajal in action again when Barca host Real Madrid in the second leg of the Copa del Rey semifinals at the beginning of next month.

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