Barça. Laporta already prepares his offer of renewal to Messi

Messi (33 years old) is still waiting for a renewal offer from FC Barcelona. The Barça captain has received the president’s interest both in public and in private Joan
Laporta that he wants him to continue as of June 30, which is when his current contract expires. However, he has not yet sent him a specific proposal and, therefore, Messi is waiting to see what is proposed to him.

Meanwhile, according to Esport3, Laporta He is already preparing a proposal for the captain, after having made a first analysis of the club’s financial situation in recent days and after having had preliminary contacts with the player and his environment. Once this proposal is prepared, the forecast is that both will meet “in the coming weeks,” according to the Catalan television channel, so that the president can send it to them and explain it to them.

In this same information it was added that he is in a similar situation Ousmane
Dembele, although in his case the contract ends in 2022. Of course, at this time it must be renewed so that it is not free in a year. According to TV, the intention of the club is to renew it, as it has already published MD, and he is counted on for the new project. Something that would not be contemplated if “an astronomical offer comes to help improve the club’s economy.” He also waits his turn to negotiate Ilaix
Moriba, which ends contract in 2022 as Dembele. In his case, as MD has explained, he is in a process of changing representatives, but the club also wants to attack its renewal soon since it does not have an automatic and unilateral clause that the Barça entity can take, as is the case from Collado, renewed today until 2023 unilaterally by the club. In the case of Ilaix, the club prioritizes its renewal before launching into the market for Georginio
Wijnaldum, who at the age of 30 ends his contract at Liverpool and is to the liking of Ronald


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