Barter. Or icicles. Or whatever is necessary for Barça to be able to take on the signing of Lautaro Martinez, the Argentine forward of Inter Milan (22 years old). There is no money for large operations in the market that will remain after the coronavirus pandemic. The Barça club does not have the economic capacity to execute the € 111 million clause set out in the Inter goalscorer’s contract. If this operation is not completed, Timo Werner, German striker Leipzig (24 years old) would be a cheaper option. It has a 60 million clause, which could be reduced through exchanges.

Hence, the technical secretariat of Barça, like that of large and small clubs in the world, devise barter to achieve their goals, always helped by powerful agents such as the case of Jorge Mendes, which controls very important soccer players.

Three-way movement

That implies, at the same time, activating more than two clubs in the same operation, as the Italian newspaper ‘Corriere dello Sport’ has revealed. Barça are looking for a nine and want Lautaro. But he needs a lateral exchange first. TO Semedo, also advised by Mendes, has two years left on his contract with Barça. Either he renews it or ends up transferring it so that he does not own his destiny next season.

Manchester City needs a winger because Joao Cancelo you want to go to the Premier. If I could have in this past winter market I would have packed because Walker is indisputable holder for Guardiola.

The Net-Cillessen exchange with Valencia he already paved the way last season. But now it will be a necessity for all the clubs

Then, the clubs move. And Inter is well served by the return of Cancel in addition to including Arturo Vidal in another direct exchange so that Lautaro can end up wearing the Barça shirt. Without paying, of course, the 111 million euros clause. In fact, Barça already did a similar barter last season with Valencia when they traded Cillessen for Neto.

That was a move to settle the accounts of both clubs. Now it will be a necessity in this new market. Barça received 35 million for the sale of the Dutch goal to Valencia. And then he paid 26 million plus nine in variables for the Brazilian goalkeeper to the Levantine club.

These types of operations were frequent in Italy, but since last summer they have already started to be cloned in the rest of Europe. I cancel, for example, he was also the protagonist 10 months ago. Danilo (City) went to Juve for 38 million euros, while the English team paid 65 for the Portuguese, the most expensive side in the world. In three years, Cancelo has three teams: Inter, Juventus and City. And the wheel keeps spinning, taking it, perhaps, back to Inter


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