Barça thrashes Villarreal and is already leader of the F League

The FC Barcelona was imposed on Villarreal (1-4) in his first away game. Although the set of Sara Monforte was able to stop the offensive capacity of the Barça During the first half, the azulgrana team ended up being superior and achieved its second victory of the season, which puts it as leader of the F League due to goal difference against Madrid CFF.

Villarreal, after the two painful defeats last season, was very clear what did i have to play against Barca. Monforte, who made two changes compared to the first game against Real Sociedad, did not want to experience a win like the one from a year ago, in which Giráldez’s side -who was not on the bench due to suspension- won 8-0. They opted to make it difficult for the defenses to get the ball out and to press up. And it worked for them. Barça had a hard time creating chances, at least much more than usual. They managed to cancel Martha Torrejonwho is one of those who initiates the azulgrana attack, and who was not seen in the rival area until the end of the first half, already with the score in his favour.

Straight to the squad

Mapi Leon was one of the most notable internationals during that week and it was her turn vindicate where you like the most, in the countryside. He arrived in Villareal sharing in his networks the support of Alex Morgan y Megan Rapinoe, two of the most mediatic soccer players on the planet. And he showed his potential on the pitch. In addition to signing an impeccable game in defense, he scored Barça’s first goal, which will be one of the most outstanding of the season. Graham Hansen he was in position to take the free kick that had just been taken, but the center back knew it was more suitable for a left foot. And he struck to perfection, with a powerful, centered shot that went straight into the top corner.

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After the goal, the azulgranas recovered their essence. And they jumped into the field with him overwhelming character that characterizes them, generating four chances in the first six minutes. Mariona Caldentey got rid of the pressure from Ainoa and assisted Oshoala to score the second. The Nigerian striker collected the ball on the side of the box and finished to perfection, beating Elena de Toro and scoring her first goal of the season. The African, after scoring the most difficult chance of the match, missed two shots on goal.

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Villarreal, who had annulled Barça very well in the first half, was not able to protect themselves. But when I least expected it, he re-entered the game. A Patri Guijarro’s mistake when the ball came out, it allowed Ainoa to recover, fake and assist Rocío García, who finished off the squad. The goal, however, was far from extinguishing a FC Barcelona that had recovered its danger. And with the entry of Walsh and Claudia Pina, the rhythm of the meeting changed.

claudia pina It has become the perfect trigger for Giráldez. He seldom does not score when he is on the pitch. And he was no different against Villarreal. After a great performance by Hansen, who cut Villarreal’s defense and assisted inside, he finished off and scored the third goal in his league debut. The azulgranas continued to push and managed to kill off the match with their umpteenth throw-in. After a Mapi Leon center At the near post, Lara -who had played a remarkable game- scored the final 1-4 with his own goal.

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Villarreal 1- FC Barcelona 4

VILLARREAL: Elena; Paola Soldevila, Cristina Cubedo, Giménez, Lara, Ainoa Campo, Rocío García, Cienfu, Nerea Pérez, Belén, Sheila Guijarro.

Changes: Kanteh for Bethlehem (m.45); Cienfu by Maria Llompart (m.54) Estefanía Lima by Sheila (m.66); Claudia Iglesias for Ainoa (d. 79); Nerea Sánchez by Rocío García, (m.79)

FC BARCELONA: Cloths; Torrejón, Paredes, Mapi, Rolfö, Patri, Engen, Mariona, Hansen, Oshoala and Geyse.

Changes: Walsh by Ingrid Engen (m.66) , Claudia Pina by Oshoala (m.66); Rolfö by Núria Rábano (m.73); Laia Codina by Irene Paredes (m.82); Geyse by Crnogorcevic (m.82).

GOALS: 0-1 Mapi León (m.26); 0-2, Asisat Oshoala (m.46); 1-2 Rocío García (m. 56); 1-3 Claudia Pina (m.75); 1-4 Lara Mata in pp (m.85).

REFEREE: Elia Maria Martinez. She admonished Sheila Guijarro (m.46) and Graham Hansen (m.81)