Barcelona | Conclave to include Gaya in Operation Soler

Joan Laporta and Anil Murthy are meeting in Barcelona. The Barça president and his counterpart from Valencia have lunch in Barcelona. On the table, the name of two of the black and white captains: José Luis Gayà and Carlos Soler. The conclave, revealed by the journalist Gerard Romero, is held in a restaurant in Barcelona. The president of Valencia and the director Joey Lim traveled there at noon, a meeting that takes place at his request.

Valencia, as indicated by the Blaugrana club, would have requested the meeting to find out Barcelona’s intentions to also include José Luis Gayà in the Carlos Soler operation. Anil Murthy plans to meet in the next few days with the Toldrá Consulting agency, which represents Gayà, to talk about the future of the captain and before that he wanted to know if Barcelona is willing to buy him, as it will do with Carlos Soler once they finalize the sale of De Jong. The answer, according to Barca club sources, is that they do not intend to sign the international side.

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The Mestalla club presents losses of 70 million euros and has to sell footballers for at least 36 million before June 30. Valencia’s plan was to transfer Gonçalo Guedes before that date, although he does not currently have any offer on the table, nor is the footballer in a hurry to choose a destination, and the market is far from the parameters in those who would like to move Valencia with Guedes (40 million).

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Hence, Valencia activates other sales. AS reported that Barcelona and Valencia already had an agreement for Carlos Soler, in an operation that will be closed for 20 million once the Barça club places the Dutchman De Jong on the market. And Valencia, now, also wanted to know if Barcelona was going to go for Gayà, before sitting down with his agents to have the final meeting for his renewal. Gayà, except for a turn of events, intends to extend his contract at Valencia beyond 2023.