Barcelona throws itself into the Jura de Bandera with more than a thousand people

The swearing-in of the flag in Barcelona after two years of absence has been a complete success. Barcelona once again received all those interested in demonstrating their commitment to the country in a ceremony that has managed to exceed expectations, even leaving some volunteers on the waiting list.

Thus, after two years of the pandemic, Barcelona has once again hosted one of the commemorations in honor to the Day of the Armed Forces that will be next May 28. It has been possible to live the passion of those interested in the flag and the Army who have completed a wonderful sunny day in Barcelona.

Six hundred civilians have sworn the flag on Saturday morning at the Bruch barracks in the Catalan capital in an act that has resumed after two years with the highest honors. This has been chaired by the Military Commander of Barcelona and Tarragona, Brigadier General Joaquín Broch accompanied by other body commanders.