Barcelona president dribbles in Bogba deal
Barcelona president dribbles in Bogba deal

The president of Barcelona, ​​in the deal of Bujba Manchet, is trying to deal with the latest news, "Arab and international", and we are also interested in the latest Arab issues. In the Bojba deal, the president of Barcelona evades the Bougba deal. On the other hand, we hope that we will get everyone's admiration. We hope you will be impressed by our offer to receive all new news and share news on the social networking sites.

Barcelona's Josep Maria Bartomio has praised the Frenchman Osman Dimpley for the Spanish Super Cup match against Sevilla, which was held Sunday morning and ended with a 2-1 win over Catalunya. Bartomio told Sport newspaper: "I feel "It is not natural for the Super Cup to be played outside of Spain, but it was a great experience, and I want to thank the fans who were present at the Tangier Stadium and the group that came from Barcelona to attend," he said. Match. "He continued:" I'm also happy for Dempsey, He has returned to the club after winning the World Cup with France, and now he is achieving the profit goal of Barcelona and the Super Cup, and I must congratulate Messi after becoming the most harvested championships in the team. "Continue:" We always demand the use of video technology in local competitions, "I've never been given names about Mirkato, and now the player is playing with his team, so it's better to focus on the group available with us."

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Source : Agencies


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