Barefoot Western Arizona Barry Niños

Nice Barefoot® Western saddle for children made of water repellent Dry-Tex ™ material with a smooth finish.

easy care

Little Barry-Brown, the mascot Barefoot® It comes as a keychain.

This saddle positions the rider securely and they provide a comfortable grip.

Beginners can hold the saddle knob.

Since all of the horse’s movements can feel much more distinct, a beginner learns how to adjust to them much faster and how to sit freely.

6 D-rings to attach saddle blanket or carry-on luggage.

Comes complete with matching fenders and footpegs and tie down strap and billet (nylon).

• flexible in all three dimensions (X, Y, Z)

• offers safe seats

• put the rider close to the horse

• Weight of approximately 4 kg.

Black/brown color