“Bares for Rares”: For this rhinoceros, the owner almost landed in jail


Cologne –
For this toy Karlheinz Pallapies (81) took a big risk! The sales manager from Castrop-Rauxel shows Horst Lichter a special piece: a so-called reindeer animal.
Karlheinz Pallapies organized trade fairs in the past. And smuggled the toy across the GDR border.

The piece filled with wood wool consists of plucking, a coarsely woven jute cloth and colored leather. With this kind of therapeutic toys, different senses should be promoted and further developed in children.
The special feature: The pieces were not freely available, but only for therapy centers as well as kindergartens and children’s clinics. The rhinoceros “Rhino” is an extraordinary rarity that is even exhibited at MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York. A device “to clouds” has done it to the “Bares for Rares” dealers (read more here). And this is exactly where Karlheinz Pallapies had seen a similar plucked animal and thought: “Donnerwetter, you have such a part in the basement,” he explains Horst Lichter. And where did he get that good piece from? Rhino stood in 1967 at a fair in Leipzig “From the GDR,” explains Pallapies. “At that time I organized international fairs, in Leipzig, in Hanover, in Moscow, everywhere. And then I found this part in Leipzig. That was in 1967, it was on display at that time. “And although the toy was not for sale, Pallapies got one. Because there was no color television at that time in the GDR, the fair organizer simply exchanged a color decoder against the rhino. And the color decoder, Pallapies had smuggled in.
Expert Sven Deutschmanek, moderator Horst Lichter and Karlheinz Pallapies (from left).

Will there soon be competition for Horst Lichter’s junk show? Learn it here. “And the rhino, you had to smuggle it out again,” Lichter asks. “Sure,” explains Pallapies. “I smuggled it out, saying it was an exhibit. The customs officer did not know that. ” Expert: “That was really dangerous” Lucky, lights means the same. “Yes, that was really dangerous,” says expert Sven Deutschmanek.
View of an old watchtower of the inner German border. West Germans also died here.

In fact, the Wall was only six years old when Pallapies crossed the border. And the GDR leadership said it deadly serious with their limit: By 1989, there are a total of 371 dead only at the inner German border. In smuggling attempts there were isolated detention And even West Germans were endangered: in the year of the Wall was about a Dortmund journalist shot by border troops, just because he wanted to talk to farmers. Customs officers were nervous when it came to their limit. And in smuggling attempts, there were occasionally even detention. But with pallies, everything went well, now he wants to see money for the rhino: 1000 € he wishes for the special part. The expert even goes a step further: the toy is worth up to 1,500 euros. And indeed: For 1200 euros, the smuggled rhino goes to dealer Fabian Kahl. Art treasures and their lovers are welcome here! “Bares for Rares” is broadcast since 2013 on ZDF. Moderator Horst Lichter is the host of the junk show, where participants present their antiques, rarities and curiosities and ideally take home a nice sum through a sale. Since 2013, the program, which is produced in Cologne, aired in the afternoon program of ZDF and has become a real quota guarantor. From Monday to Friday, an average of three million TV viewers engage in bargaining and action. This is how the program “Bares for Rares” expires The candidates, along with their sales objects, are sent to an expert who can check the goods, tell them something about the story, and then give an estimate of the price range in which the sales value is located. If this sum is close to the price expectations of the participants, they will receive the merchant card from moderator Lichter. This is the ticket to the room where the antique dealers are located. There are the candidates and the subject before. Similar to an auction, the five dealers then try to secure the exhibit for themselves. This can lead to the sum rising unexpectedly. Then it is up to the provider, whether he wants to accept the sum of traders or still haggling. If the highest bidder receives the bid, he pays out the sum in cash to the seller. The highest bid so far In addition to the classic edition, numerous special editions have already been produced. So there were already celebrity issues, dealer duels, a prime-time show on ZDF, which ran under the name “Germany’s largest junk show”. Incidentally, the highest bid so far was 35,000 euros. In 2014, a Borgward Isabella Cabriolet changed hands.



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