Barranquilla Traffic Secretariat responds to Supertransporte about photo fine camera

As a result of a sanction imposed by the Transport Superintendence for camera operation photofinesthe Barranquilla Traffic Secretariat indicated that, within the legal term, he filed an appeal for reconsideration and as an appeal subsidy to the failed decision through the Resolution No. 971 of April 1, 2022. Therefore, the district administration assures that the recent decision of the Supertransport “is not firm.”

“We clarify that the sanction of first instance refers solely and exclusively to ‘a single charge that suspends the technological aids used in the vicinity of the Calle 82 with Carrera 42F until the defined technical criteria are met’, a place where there is no SAST in operation and there has never been”, he reiterated.

The District also emphasized that all SAST that operate in the city have authorization from Mintransporte and the Road Safety Agency. In addition, through the social network Twitter, the agency emphasized that all these devices continue their ordinary operation in Barranquilla.