bars and nightclubs, high places of contamination


  • Three times as many people went to a nightclub rather than a private event.
  • If the discos are already subject to the sanitary pass, the bars will not be until August 9.

The number of new daily contaminations continues to jump in France. This Friday, 24,309 new people were infected with the virus. Not all departments are equally affected by the spread of the Delta variant. At the top, we find the most touristic places, where the circulation of the virus is particularly favored by gatherings in bars and nightclubs, as concluded a study published Friday by Public Health France.

Four times more contaminated in bars or nightclubs compared to restaurants

Researchers from Public Health France conducted a survey last week to find out which places were frequented by infected people just before falling ill. In total, nearly 3,000 responded to a bar or nightclub. By comparison, nearly three times fewer respondents answered private meetings, and four times less mentioned restaurants.

The interpretation that we can have is that these places are more frequented by the population within the framework of the holidays, but also can be a place where the respect of the barrier gestures, and in particular the wearing of the mask, is more complicated.”, Analyzed Frédéric Moisan, epidemiologist at Public Health France, at the microphone of Europe 1. In these places,“people are standing, moving, drinking and not wearing the mask, he adds. We assume that contaminations are easier in these places..”

The sanitary pass not yet in force in bars

Going to bars and nightclubs is a “risk”For the epidemiologist who advocates being“attentive, either to be outside, or, as soon as there is a doubt, not to frequent them to try to preserve the others”.

Although these results point to these places, they do not indicate whether the people questioned were indeed infected in these places. If the discos are already subject to the sanitary pass, the bars will not be until August 9.