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She was not there on Wednesday, but Ines De Vos will be present at the trial against her husband Bart De Pauw on Thursday. The couple arrived together just after 9 am at the criminal court in Mechelen. The defense of the 53-year-old television maker will be heard on Thursday. “I think you will be surprised by a number of things,” said De Pauw as he entered the court.

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The second and last day of the Bart De Pauw trial will start on Thursday. The lawyers of the civil party were given the floor on Wednesday. They described the television maker as a “series stalker without a sense of guilt”. At the end of the first day of the trial, the Public Prosecution Service demanded a one-year suspended prison sentence for the television maker.

“You can claim anything”

On Thursday it will be the turn of De Pauw’s defense. “You can claim anything, but you also have the facts,” says De Pauw. “We are going to demonstrate that today.” The testimonies on Wednesday were “a serious rollercoaster” for De Pauw, he said. “I got to read a lot today. But now we’re going to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. You will be surprised by a number of things.”

It is unclear whether De Pauw will admit his guilt, as the women and the Public Prosecution Service are asking. “It is never too late to do the right thing,” said Christine Mussche, a civil party lawyer, before the hearing.

“Form of Recognition”

Before it is up to the defence, the nine women who filed a civil suit first have the chance to say something about the case themselves. Mussche: “They are going to say what it meant to them, both at the time of the stalking and during the entire period they had to go through from 2017 to today.”

According to the lawyer, it was important for her clients that the attorney confirmed their statement. For Mussche, the fact that the requested sentence “is firm” is a form of recognition.

“I think you will be shocked,” Bart De Pauw announced on Thursday morning before entering the courthouse. © Olivier Matthys

Ines De Vos is not only the wife of Bart De Pauw, she is also the manager of Koeken Troef!, the production house that mainly relied on De Pauw’s creative genius. On Wednesday it was announced that Koeken Trump! suffered a loss of EUR 336,165 last year.

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© Olivier Matthys

© Olivier Matthys

© Olivier Matthys