Bart De Pauw resolutely goes for acquittal and chooses frontal…

After a grueling day of trial, Bart De Pauw, flanked by wife Ines De Vos, left the Mechelen court. Judgment on Nov. 25. © Olivier Matthys

Maaike? “She lies.” Ella-June? “A fatal text message, that’s all.” Liz? “Mutual Flirting.” Ellen? “Actively recruited and therefore not a victim.” Dymphne? “Never an affair.” Helena? “Always sent back.” jenka? “Lying Statements.” lisa? “Hurt, but never stalked.” Bart De Pauw (53) offered his tears on Thursday for his “wrong” behavior, he vehemently denied that he is a (serial) stalker. The whole day was one long drawn-out counterattack against all women. “A file has been fabricated with taxpayers’ money.”

Pieter Huyberechts