Bartolo does not give up

Bartolo does not give up

Bartolo Colón, who made 240 victories in his Major League career, is determined to become the most successful Latin pitcher in MLB history and is not willing to hang spikes without getting it. He has been on the verge of retirement, but somehow he has managed to return and continue to be a threat to Juan Marichal (243) and Dennis Martinez (245). The veteran pitcher has proposed to be the most winning Latin American of all time and in order to achieve this is demanding to the fullest, using his experience to, at almost 45 years, continue to remove batters in the most demanding baseball in the world. At times his right arm with more than 20 action campaigns in Las Mayores gives the impression of having nothing more to offer, however, at other times it seems to have the strength to continue to reap success.
This last is what he is demonstrating in the current season and what he presented in his opening last Sunday against the Houston Astros, the current world champions who limited to only one unstoppable and a clean career in 7.2 work episodes, with the asterisk of having completed seven perfect innings before one of the most fearsome offenses in baseball. For his misfortune it left without decision, something that also happened to him in his first opening of the year, in which in spite of to have thrown six tickets of only a clean race it could not choose to the victory in front of the Oakland Athletics. So that if luck had smiled and baseball had been fair, the indeclinable Dominican right had 242 wins and the fall of Marichal and Dennis was almost imminent in 2018.
Throwing like this, it’s likely
Seeing Bartolo rise up against the Athletics and flirt with perfection against the Astros, it’s not hard to believe that this year can at least tie the Nicaraguan’s mark. Of course, this will continue as it has done so far, which seems likely, especially if you consider its good start to the season. Wearing the uniform of the Texas Rangers, Colon has been consistent and his numbers support it. In a total of four starts, two of them as a starter, he has a 1.45 ERA and a strikeout to 17 opponents in 18.2 innings, in which he only admits three clean runs.
For the one born in the Dominican city of Altamira on May 24, 1973, it will be key that he stays healthy to maintain his options for making history. Obviously this is a complicated mission when he is close to 45 years old, but he has shown himself willing to do whatever he can to achieve his goal. For now he is healthy and efficient, two aspects that keep him in the big team of the Rangers with the possibility of continuing to improve his record. His great performances as a starter have been worth to continue being considered in that role, although there are those who think that his greatest chances to add wins are as a reliever, a task he has also done with great efficiency this year, because in two starts, one against Toronto Blue Jays and another against the Los Angeles Angels has allowed only one run in five full innings.
You must take advantage
Given his age, the challenge of becoming the most winning Latino is huge for Bartolo and the opportunity that the Rangers have offered him may be the last to overcome him. For this reason can not afford to fail and less to look like the previous season, when adding his performance with the Atlanta Braves and the Minnesota Twins built a record of seven wins with 14 setbacks and a 6.48 ERA. Aware that this may be his last chance, the Dominican is shaping as in his best times. Certainly their shipments do not travel as fast as some seasons ago, but their experience and focus are taking it afloat. For now, he continues to prove himself as a pitcher, we will see how he is doing in the rest of the season to this irrepressible veteran.

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