Bartoszek hits Silesian Wroclaw. “For me it’s a scandal” Football

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¦l±sk Wroc³aw did not win the third match in a row in PKO Ekstraklasa. He looked pale in the Lower Silesia derby with Zag³êbie Lubin, which he lost at home as much as 0:3. Wrocław players wasted a penalty kick and lost a goal, playing in the advantage. The attitude of “Military” was strongly criticized by Maciej Bartoszek. In his opinion, the game in the style that Śląsk showed on Saturday is scandalous.

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Bartoszek criticizes Śląsk players

There is a lot of criticism about the management of Śląsk Wrocław. Foreign transfers do not work, much less return. Among Polish footballers there is also a lack of a clear leader, a player with character. As a result, the team plays unattractive football, without a specific style. Even decent results are lacking. There are many voices that if this continues and the team does not change until the end of February, i.e. until the end of the transfer window in Poland, Śląsk will drop from the league.

According to Maciej Bartoszek, coach Ivan Djurdjević is not to blame for the poor results, and the players bear full responsibility. He believes that some of them should not be in the club.

“I feel sorry for the coach because you can choose different tactics and so on, but half the players didn’t want to play in this game. For me, this is a scandal. They have to think. If what harms the air for some players, maybe they will resign their contracts? – he commented in “Magazyn Ekstraklasa” of the portal.

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Bartoszek spared no words of criticism. He is surprised that there is no young and talented player in Silesia. He mockingly assessed that Djurdjevic would have performed better on the pitch.

– I do not believe that there is no young boy in Wroclaw who will play better than them. I suspect that Ivan Djurdjević would come on the pitch and look better than individual players. There was no shortage of ambition, he said.

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There is widespread talk about the problem of attendance at the Silesian stadium. Up to 10,000 people come to the games regularly. fans, but due to the fact that “Wojskowi” play in a stadium four times larger, such an audience does not impress. In the past, many more people came to WKS matches. The reason for the lower attendance is largely the poor performance of the players of the Wrocław club.

“I feel sorry for the fans, because after such a performance of their team, they should be invited to the stadium and get lunch. Later we are surprised that there is no attendance at the stadiums. How to fill such a stadium? Well, you can do it like Pogoń or Widzew, presenting the ball they play. They will fill our stadiums and Silesia is fighting for its life. Some people in this locker room need to wake up,” Bartoszek said.

After 18 rounds, Śląsk takes the 11th place with 21 points. It has only four points more than Piast Gliwice, which is in 16th place. The three worst teams of the season are relegated from the Ekstraklasa.