Baseball/Yangdai Steel moved to the Independent League to knock out the team’s first point in history and ran back to the team

Yangdai Steel moved to the Independent Alliance this year.profile photo

Yang Daigang, a former player who traveled to Japan, moved to the Lake Country Dockhounds of the American Independent League this year. Today (14th), in the team’s first game, Yang Daigang started the second baseball, and knocked on the first seat in the first game. And ran back to the first point, both of which were the first in team history, but the team lost 4-8 in the end.

Yang Daigang’s first game in the history of the Lake Country Dockhounds. He started with the second bat in the middle and field. The number he chose was the No. 1 he wore during the Nippon Ham and Chinese teams. One player was out in the first game, and his No. 1 He hit a single in just one hit, and ran to the second with the opponent’s wild pitch, and then the next teammate hit a double and ran back to the team’s first point, but this hit was only his only one today. .

A total of 5 hits, 1 point, 1 point, and 3 strikeouts were scored by Yangdai Steel today. In their first game in the Independent League, the batting rate was 20%.

Yang Daigang’s decision to leave Japan Professional Baseball, move to the American Independent League, and join the Lake Country Dockhounds is a new beginning for him, and the team he joined Lake Country Dockhounds is affiliated with the American Professional Baseball Association (American Association), this independent The league has 12 teams, divided into 6 teams in the east and west regions. The Lake Country Dockhounds is the 12th team after the league was established, and this year has launched its first season.

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