Basel: renaturation is progressing – Basel

The plot in the north was restored and released by the company KIBAG Kies Basel AG after years of gravel mining. Now the area has been transformed into a landscape space that promotes biodiversity in an area characterized by intensive agriculture and gravel quarrying. The creation of natural areas, such as dry meadows, wet meadows, or groves and trees, favor a diverse flora and fauna.

Valuable for local biodiversity, these natural habitats contribute to strengthening the ecological network, the creation of which has already begun with the creation of two natural corridors to the south of the park by the city of Saint-Louis.

In the longer term, the landscape park will become an important part of this ecological network between the Petite Camargue Alsacienne, the green corridor of Saint-Louis and the densely populated Basel agglomeration, explains the “Parc des Carrières” association in a statement on the long-term plans.

Redesign continues

The new part of the park continues the redesign of the first sections of the park, which were already opened to the public in July 2021.

The design of the Parc des Carrières will continue gradually towards the south depending on the mining of the gravel pit