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Basel: Responsibility rests with the individual – Basel

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She found the terrace openings useful to generate income in the catering trade. It reminds you that you have to look at everything globally. “There are support programs here, but it doesn’t work in other countries,” she explains.

“A lockdown, for example, has a much worse impact in developing countries. If everything is closed there, the people will be hit a lot harder. ”The 32-year-old volunteers in an association that provides prostheses for Ethiopia. During this work, she noticed how much more severe Corona is affecting the people there.

Tatjana Stöckli (36) from Baselland says she is ambivalent about the openings. “On the one hand, I think it’s a little early. I work in the hospital and notice a lot. “

On the other hand, it might not be so bad if the flow of people is spread a bit among the restaurants and not everyone romps around on the banks of the Rhine. “Maybe we could have waited a little longer, about two or three weeks. But even there you don’t know what is right. But it is also important that people adhere to the hygiene rules. The only thing that can defuse the situation is vaccination. “

Saskia (43 years old) lives in Basel and doesn’t want to read her last name in the newspaper. “I think it is very nice and good that more will be opened again,” she says.

And further: “I think that helps people who are lonely, or young people who have thoughts of suicide, for example. It helps against loneliness. Because people need encounters and human interaction. He dies without conversation and love. “

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The 43-year-old is convinced that it was definitely the right decision. “Perhaps it could have been loosened up even more, for example releasing the interior of the restaurant, naturally with a hygiene concept. Because I have also heard from many that simply running a terrace is not worth it. Especially because a lot depends on the weather. “

In addition, it is very important that people stick to the rules, such as wearing the mask correctly and paying attention to their distance and hand washing. Self-protection and protection of others is an important keyword here, but you shouldn’t have any fears. “

A restaurateur’s point of view

Denise Furter (35 years old) is a restaurateur in Basel. She is happy to be able to open again. “But to be honest, it’s not really worth it. Although we can reopen, we get a lot less support as a result, and we cannot cover our costs simply by operating the terrace. “

Opening under corona conditions is associated with a lot of effort and bureaucracy. “I think the opening steps are primarily intended to reassure the population. For the people it is of course nice, and we are also looking forward to welcoming guests again, it is good for the mind.

But at the same time, that’s not a huge help to us. I would have liked more support from the federal government, as there are also a lot of ambiguities for the coming period. Perhaps a real lockdown and not a pseudo lockdown would have helped at the very beginning. “

Roger (44) from Baselland says he is “actually very happy about the easing.” But you shouldn’t forget that you now have to show more self-discipline. The responsibility now lies increasingly with the citizen.

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“My fear is that after the long period of renunciation, many will no longer show any consideration and become negligent. I also understand people, it’s a complicated situation. You don’t know what the right path is and what to believe, especially in comparison with other countries, for example Germany. Everything is now being closed again ”, he looks over the border.

Look for other solutions

Jarin Huber (36) from Basel likes the opening steps. “Because after a year you have to strive for other solutions. In my opinion, lockdown is not a permanent solution because it restricts a large part of life. But there must also be a rethink. Because if we stay in the same pattern, the openings are only followed by the next lockdown.

I would like other solution strategies to be worked out. I also see vaccination as part of this. My fear, however, is that there will be no rethinking and that there will be constant back and forth. “

Sami (26) from Basel also thinks it’s good that it’s reopened. “People are all a lot happier and that’s important. It may have been long overdue. But it also depends a little on the situation. If the numbers rise very sharply, closings should be resumed. I think you have to decide that depending on the situation. But on the whole, I’m happy about the easing, ”says the 26-year-old.


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