Basketball .. Al-Ahly faces Al-Ittihad in the Super League final

The Alexandrian Al-Ittihad team advanced over Al-Ahly in the “BEST OF 5” series, after winning (86-77) in the first match, which was held at “Hassan Mustafa” hall.

The Basketball Super League final series between Al-Ahly and Al-Ittihad will be held at Hassan Mostafa Hall in 6th of October City.

The second match between Al-Ahly and Al-Ittihad is scheduled for next Tuesday, where the league will be decided if any team wins three matches.

Al-Ahly’s qualification for the Super League final came after beating Al-Jazira in a semi-final series 3-0.

While Al-Ittihad of Alexandria qualified for the final match after defeating Zamalek in the semi-final series 3-0.

Match details
The Alexandrian Al-Ittihad team dominated the match from the start, as the “Gap Leader” lead (18-5), before Auguste Bosch decided to take a time-out.

Al-Ahly, after returning from the time-out, scored four points through Ihab Amin, to reduce the difference, and the score became (18-12).

Ihab Amin continued his brilliance during the match by scoring a hat-trick and the result became (18-12), before Ali Muhammad, Al-Ittihad player, scored five points and the result became (23-15).

The difference reached ten points, after Youssef Shousha scored a double for Al Ittihad of Alexandria to reach the score (25-15).

The first period ended in favor of the Alexandrian Al-Ittihad team, with a score of 27 for the “leader of the gap”, compared to 18 for Al-Ahly.

The second period saw Al-Ittihad continue to score after Haitham Kamal scored a hat-trick, and the result became (30-18) for Al-Akhdar.

Ihab Amin came back again to reduce the score to Al-Ahly by two, and the result became (30-20), then Seif Samir scored a new double for Al-Ahmar to make the result (30-22).

Ehab Amin made a personal mistake after he tried to score a hat-trick to get three throws and score two out of three chances, making the result (30-24).

Al-Ittihad returned again to score through Bebo, who scored a double under the basketball to widen the difference and the result became (32-24).

The difference widened to 11 points, four minutes before the end of the second period, to keep Al Ittihad in progress, and the result became (40-29).

Ihab Amin imposed himself as a star for Al-Ahly during the match, by recording a new double for him and the Red Team, bringing the result (40-13).

And Ihab Amin managed to be the most player among the players of the two teams, scoring 14 points.

Two minutes before the end of the second period, Amr Zahran reduced the score for Al-Ahly to five points, bringing the score (42-37), to ask Ahmed Marei, Al-Ittihad coach, for a time-out.

Corey Webster, Al-Ittihad’s professional, scored a wonderful hat-trick for Al-Ittihad to widen the difference for the “Gap Leader” and the result became (47-40) to end the second period with this result.

The third period saw Al-Ahly players score seven points against three points for Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, amid red attempts to approach the leader of the gap.

Abdullah Nasser reduced the difference for Al-Ahly to a point, making the result (50-49), but Youssef Shousha scored for Al-Ittihad twice, bringing the result (52-49).

Al-Ahly’s first progress was in the last minute of the events of the third period with a double through Amr Al-Jundi, so the result became (55-54).

Amr Al-Jundi scored a hat-trick for Al-Ahly in the fourth period, expanding the difference by four points, and the result became (58-54).

Al-Ahly, before the end of the fourth period, took advantage of the physical decline of Al-Ittihad players to widen the difference to seven points thanks to the brilliance of Amr El-Gendy, bringing the result (64-57).

Ismail Ahmed lit the match with a wonderful three in favor of Al-Ittihad, reducing the difference to only four points, but Amr El-Gendy managed to score a double, bringing the difference to six points.

The result was four minutes before the end of the match in favor of Al-Ahly (66-60).

Webster scored a wonderful hat-trick to reduce the score and become (66-65).

Haitham Kamal, Al-Ittihad player, managed to restore his team’s hopes by scoring two points under the basketball to reduce the difference and make the score (70-67).

The match was caught before its end, when Fouda scored a wonderful hat-trick for Al Ittihad to re-advance his team again, and the result became (72-70).

Ismail Ahmed scored a new double for Al-Ittihad 13 seconds before the end of the match, bringing the difference to four points, and the result becomes (74-70).

Auguste Bosch asked for a time-out in the hope of achieving a surprise and returning again to the Union.

Ihab Amin scored a double for Al-Ahly to reduce the difference to (74-72) six seconds before the end.

Amr El-Gendy lit the match with a triple ball in favor of Al-Ahly in the last second to equalize the result and become (75-75).

The events of the fourth period ended with a tie (75-75), and each team went to an additional time of five minutes.

The extra time witnessed the progress of Al-Akhdar of Alexandria with a score of (79-77) one minute and 29 seconds before the end of the match.

Fouda scored a deadly hat-trick against Al-Ahly, expanding the difference to five points, 33 seconds before the end, and the result became (82-77).

Al-Ittihad decided the result of the match in its favour, after defeating Al-Ahly in the first match, with a score of (86-77).