Basketball. “Sick” after two games, Ifs is already worried

The Ifoises of Maroussia Droguet fell again in front of Limoges. ©Aline Chatel

Only two games have passed, but Morgan Debrosse’s diagnosis is relentless: the CB Ifs is sick “. The Ifoises conceded their second straight defeat at home, Saturday September 24, 2022, in front of Limoges (60-64). Long led during this meeting, rarely by much, they let go in the second half. Their reaction at the end of the match was not enough to reverse the course of things.

No cauldron at Milliat

Limoges logically imposes itself in an Alice Milliat room at the antipodes of the cauldron that was Obric. Too new, too cold, the gym fits only too well with the start of the local season. Ifs lost the recipe at home, where it was so difficult to win in the past.

We are sick. We are starting to heal. We have seen the best. We have a little virus called lost balloons. He attacks us…

Morgan Debrosse, CB Ifs coach

“We are going to die if we let this virus develop”, warns the coach adept at metaphors. And Morgan Debrosse to specify: “in the first half, we lose eight balls and they score 16 points on it”.

Julie Plouhinec.
Julie Plouhinec. ©Aline Chatel

What is happening in this team cut to play the leading role with its more than comfortable budget? “We are girls who play a women’s sport”, summarizes Morgan Debrosse. Clearly, “as soon as we are pushed, as soon as we are attacked, we are surprised”. The finding may surprise in a club where intensity is a trademark.

” It is not normal “

When five teams have won their first two matches, including Nantes, Le Havre and Alençon, Ifs therefore trails at the bottom of the very provisional classification. This time, Morgan Debrosse does not minimize the situation.

It is not normal. We cannot accept losing two games at home. We will have to wake up against Le Havre.

Lucile Jérôme rekindled the flame at the end of the match.
Lucile Jérôme rekindled the flame at the end of the match. ©Aline Chatel

Saturday October 1, 2022, Ifs will go to the team that crushed the championship last season before tripping over the mat in the playoffs. This is perhaps the best way to react.

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