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Basque pensioners call the strike on the 30th on the second anniversary of their mobilizations


As almost every Monday since January 15, 2018 (there have been specific exceptions such as last Kings Day), Basque pensioners returned to concentrate yesterday before the town halls of the three capitals, where they celebrated the second anniversary of their weekly mobilizations . Time in which, also coinciding yesterday with the inauguration of the new ministers, three executives have already known: Mariano Rajoy's, who ruled when the protests began; the first by Pedro Sánchez, which emerged after the motion of censure; and the newly formed after two general elections, last April and November.

What they have not changed are their demands and following one of their mottos – "govern who governs, pensions are defended" – continue to demand, among other issues, the defense of the public pension system, "Decent" benefits with a minimum of 1,080 euros, its revaluation linked to the CPI and the repeal of the sustainability factor and of those who consider «regressive aspects of the pension reforms set in 2011 and 2013».

Of course, the movement lost troops after the fall of the Rajoy Executive and now they are pleased that "do not govern the right with the extreme right," said its spokesmen in the statement read yesterday. However, they warned that some of the approaches of the programmatic agreement between the PSOE and the United We can regarding pensions, the Minimum Interprofessional Salary or the repeal of labor and pension reforms, «Or they remain as they are or they are ambiguous and lack concreteness». Therefore, they warn that the new Government will have their support "as long as they comply with our demands."

And as they assure that "there are no longer any alibi or excuses" for not taking action, and some admit to having "limited expectations" about the newly formed Executive, so that "governments and parliaments can hear us immediately and respond" central, Basque and Navarro, the pensioners called back to support the general strike on January 30 in the Basque Country and Navarra. A protest called by the nationalist unions ELA and LAB and the groups that form the Charter of Social Rights of Euskal Herria, and which do not add neither Comisiones Obreras nor UGT of Euskadi, which was criticized by one of the spokesmen of the movement. "We do not understand how, when they have told us for many months that they agreed with our claims, when it's time to commit to press and mobilize they don't. We did not find anything justified, ”they said.

Representatives of ELA and LAB, before the headquarters of Confebask.
Representatives of ELA and LAB, before the headquarters of Confebask. / j. Germany

ELA and LAB proposal

Regarding this strike that, according to the organizers, aims to claim «pensions, decent living and working conditions», the ELA and LAB unions reported yesterday that they have proposed an agreement in favor of the Basque employers Confebask and the Navarra a "decent" work based on four points: Establishment of a minimum salary of 1,200 euros "to address poverty"; subrogation guarantee for subcontractor workers to deal with those who "deregulate the labor market"; maximum weekly hours of 35 hours and a minimum of 20 hours to "put a brake" on part-time employment; and measures to "cope with the wage gap" and in favor of "real" equality plans.

Given the measures that the new national government intends to apply (including the minimum salary of 1,000 euros), the two central they assure that "they will not serve to give an exit to the situation suffered by Basque workers" and demand a «Basque Framework for Labor Relations and Social Protection tailored to the labor market and society of Euskal Herria».

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