Bastia: Core in Fronte steps up against new drugs

The independence movement Core in the forehead proceeded to a towing this Sunday on the market of Bastia around a slogan: “A droga fora!”, in order to alert the population to the dangers caused by new drugs.

The nationalist movement relies on the case of a 19-year-old girl who “made a serious illness caused by a laughing gas balloon filled with nitrous oxide capsules.”

“This new drug is found in all regions of Corsica, Core asserts. It is on sale for 10 euros in many bars, nightclubs or at events attended by young people. Behind the fad, there is a real danger to health. These nitrous oxide bladders are more dangerous than they appear. The balloons cause brain damage, heart trouble and tension. We ask the managers of the bars and nightclubs concerned to participate in raising awareness and to refuse the sale of nitrous oxide balloons.