Bastia surprises Ajaccio and offers itself the Corsican derby in Ligue 2

The two Corsican derbies could cost AC Ajaccio dearly when it comes to reckoning in the race for the climb at the end of the season. As in the first leg (0-2), the Ajacciens drank the cup against their Bastia neighbors after a closed match, this Saturday afternoon in Ligue 2 (0-1). After a series of three victories in a row, the ACA is marking time and giving up third place in the standings to Auxerre. For his part, Bastia took advantage of this success to move up to 12th position with a provisional five-point lead over the roadblocker.

The best defense in Ligue 2 (15 goals conceded) was surprised just before the break. Left alone at six meters on a plunging free kick from Kylian Kaïboue, the young Anthony Roncaglia (21) placed his head perfectly to deceive Benjamin Leroy (42nd). A second of hesitation which weighed very heavily in a part padlocked by visitors.

Two contentious situations

Because the ACA spent most of its time in the opposing half and did not concede any other opportunity. Although Olivier Pantaloni’s men monopolized the ball (71% possession), they broke their teeth on a compact Bastia block and a flawless commitment. Tirelessly, the Ajaccian waves broke on a defense that offered only crumbs (only two shots on target). In such a sterile attack-defense, Ajaccio’s salvation could have come from a favorable game. But twice, Mr. Ben El Hadj did not award a penalty. On a loose hand from Benjamin Santelli first (29th), then after a very limited contact on Mounaïm El Idrissy in the second half (55th).

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Perfectly organized in his half of the field, Bastia showed surgical realism against his neighbor. The Bastiais snatched the victory by framing only one attempt over the whole match (for only three shots in total).