Bastian Pastewka inspires as show master – and brings back chaos manager “Regine”

Berlin. The show has only been on air for a few minutes, so Bastian Pastewka is already making his TV colleagues melt. “My TV soul wants to hug you deeply, @pastewka!”, For example, tweeted presenter Daniel Boschmann in the evening. Katrin Bauerfeind raves: “The entertainment @pastewka throws on the show floor with so much heart and devotion, it moves you to tears.” It is “so nice when someone can and loves television the way they actually do.” Has”.

Pastewka, known as a television nerd in front of the gentleman, is the presenter of the Pro-Sieben show “Who is stealing the show from me?” On Tuesday evening. Various prominent candidates compete against each other during the broadcast – the winner wins the moderation of the next edition. Pastewka, the winner of the last show, made his big appearance on Tuesday evening as a show presenter – and delivered brilliantly.

Even the opening of the quiz show caused enthusiasm among fans – because Pastewka is bringing back a small sequel to its now-closed Amazon sitcom “Pastewka” especially for the format. First the well-known theme tune of the series jingles, then chaos manager “Regine” appears in the picture, played by Sabine Vitua. Pastewka himself walks past his villa in Cologne-Marienburg and complains on the phone as usual.

Memories of cult series

The “Pro-Sieben-Kiste” is “completely out of hand”, “Regine” should get him out of there, Pastewka rumbles in the usual manner. “Why didn’t you tell me that I had to moderate the whole show?” “Regine” sips her drink as usual and counters impassively: “So what? There’s nothing to it. “

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But Pastewka does not give up: his series friend “Anne” should write him a certificate – “I can sign her. But you’ll get me out of there today. ”But the manager doesn’t play along, as always. In the end, Pastewka stands on the street and screams desperately into the sky.

The clip triggers enthusiasm on Twitter: “Best intro, Pastewka! Then have a drink with Regine, ”writes one, for example. Others reminisce about the former cult series.

“Peter Frankenfeld would be proud of you”

Shortly afterwards the unusual quiz show begins: Pastewka appears in a tuxedo and bow tie and sings the song “The most wonderful job in the world” by show veteran Peter Alexander – surrounded by dancers with large, white fans and fireworks. A television orchestra accompanies him. Pastewka’s cult figure “Wolfgang” also makes a brief appearance, at least his dialect: “Something’s going on here, friends.” In addition to Joko Winterscheidt, Shirin David and Teddy Teclebrhan are also present as quiz candidates. As a wildcard winner, 30-year-old Laura from Hamburg is fighting for victory.

In the following minutes, Pastewka pays homage to television in the early years, moderates the quiz show as if he had never done anything else, and even turns Joko Winterscheidt’s moderately entertaining jokes into a laugh. “Peter Frankenfeld would be proud of you,” writes a Twitter user. Even the names of the games are based on well-known shows in television history: “Fun on Tuesday”, “Permit” and “Whoever Lies Three Times”.

“A loving homage to television from the past”

Not only TV colleagues applaud the actor on social networks. For example, the author Matthias Kalle writes: “What @pastewka is currently doing on @ProSieben is a declaration of love for German television entertainment over the past 50 years. And maybe it will be the climax. Bow, Bastian Pastewka. “Frederic Servatius writes:” Thanks @pastewka already the best edition of #WSMDS. A loving homage to television from the past. “

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Twitter user @kaeptnlisbeth thinks: “Bastian Pastewka has exploited the potential of this show on a completely new level. I think even Joko wasn’t aware of how much the show could actually do. I think the change of moderator was very successful and implemented, and super important for the original handshake. “Others demand:” Give the man his own show! “

Pastewka had announced magnanimously in advance: “I’m here to give this show the class it needs, which it will unfortunately never have with its current presenter Joachim Winterscheidt.” Where he’s right, he’s right.

In the end, by the way, rapper Shirin David won the guess show. She will moderate the show in the coming week.