“Bathing in blood”: Headbanging in the heat with a two-year delay – Weil am Rhein

The “Baden-in-Blut” festival starts on Friday with bands that were expected two years ago in Dreilndergarten Weil. An overview of the program.

It’s going to be hot at “Baden in Blut”, that’s for sure, just a few days before the start of the biggest metal festival in the southwest in the Dreilndergarten in Weil am Rhein. The two-day spectacle for friends of the harder paces starts on Friday after an enforced Corona break. This evening’s headliners are the thrash legends Destruction, headed by bandleader Marcel Schirmer aka Schmier, who were founded in Weil in 1982.

Headliners were already expected in 2020

Actually, this year’s line-up should already make the trees in the Dreilandergarten tremble in 2020. But Corona prevented the festival edition at that time. Last year, the metal maniacs Markgrflerland organized a pandemic edition entitled “Devil’s Plague Round”.

So now Destruction & Co. are coming to the Weiler stage after a two-year delay. In addition to the Weiler local heroes, the main highlights are the Saturday headliners Soilwork and Primordial. By the way, the Metal Maniacs recommend drinking a lot – and less of the usual beer, but above all a lot of water. Temperatures of more than 30 degrees are expected at least on Friday.

Bathing in blood

Friday 22 July

15.30 Uhr: Toward the Throne
4:20 p.m.: Destiny
5:20 p.m.: Body farm
6:30 p.m.: Disaster
7:55 p.m.: Rotting Christ
9:35 p.m.: Destruction

Saturday 23rd July
11.45am: Vanish
12:35 p.m.: Strikers
13.30: Sulfur Aeon
2:30 p.m.: Demonical
15.40: Suicidal Angels
17.10 Uhr: Long Distance Calling
18.45 Uhr: Necrophobic
8:20 p.m.: Primordial
10:25 p.m.: Soil work

Info: There is no campsite on the premises. Arrival by public transport via the S 5 (Gartenstadt or Weil Bahnhof stop) or tram 8 from Basel.


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