bathing prohibited preventively along the beaches of the Côte de Beauté

Current precipitation is likely to alter the quality of bathing water. Royan, Vaux-sur-Mer and Saint-Palais-sur-Mer anticipate and prohibit swimming from this Monday, June 28

Since 10 am, this Monday June 28, it is forbidden to take a dip in the Gironde estuary, in front of one or other of the five beaches of Royan (Grande Conche, Foncillon, Chay, Pigeonnier and Pontaillac), in front of that of Nauzan shared between Vaux-sur-Mer and Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, and in front of the Saint-Palaisienne beach of Bureau. Analyzes were performed. Depending on the results, the ban could be lifted in 24 hours.

The municipal decrees extend the ban to “any nautical activity practiced from the shore”. The red flag therefore flies on the beaches concerned. This visual warning will be maintained outside of beach surveillance hours.

Note that the beaches of Platin, Concié and Grande Côte, in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, remain open for swimming.

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Pays Royannais: urban bathing waters are cloudy

The elected officials of the coast were to floor this Thursday on the “safety of bathing water” before the meeting was canceled. But another aspect worries: the degradation of the quality of these waters, a health issue as much as an economic one.

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