Battery draining fast.. iPhone users are angry with the new update

Tell me – After months of anticipation, the American company “Apple” released an update for its operating system (iOS 15.4), but iPhone users quickly expressed their anger due to a major problem they faced.

And the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, said that many iPhone users said that they noticed a rapid battery drain after downloading the new update.

And one of them stated on his Twitter account: “There is a rapid draining of the iPhone battery after the iOS 15.4 update… My phone charge decreased by 5 percent in less than 10 minutes… This is ridiculous.”

And he published the last picture showing how his battery drained since installing the new update, and commented on it by saying “SOS Apple” (help).

Phone expert, Adrian Kingsley, commented on this problem, saying: “Installing a new operating system on the iPhone leads to the activation of a lot of applications in the background, and this can last for hours or even days.”

He continued: “This process is called battery re-calibration, and often gives the impression that the charge is draining more quickly, when it is not.”

Kingsley called on users to monitor “Battery Health”, through “Settings”, then “Battery”, then “Battery Health”, and then select “Peak Performance Capability”.