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Battle for May Succession – Only Johnson and Hunt are Left – Politics

  • In the race of the Tories for the succession of Great Britain's Prime Minister May, there are still two candidates.
  • Ex-Secretary of State Johnson is the favorite in the ballot in about a month, against him acting Foreign Minister Hunt.

From Cathrin Kahlweit, London

That ex-Foreign Minister Boris Johnson would be among the last two candidates to compete for the post of conservative party leader and prime minister, had been clear for about a week; he had led the list unassailable. Since Thursday afternoon it is known that he will play against the acting Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt. In a final and decisive round of voting, Johnson had received 160 votes from the members of the Tory faction in the lower house, Hunt had come to 77 votes. He was only two votes ahead of Environment Minister Michael Gove, who retired at the end with 75 votes from the race. In the morning, in the penultimate round of voting, Home Secretary Sajid Javid was eliminated.

Johnson and Hunt will now introduce themselves from Saturday to the party base in a so-called Hustings over a period of four weeks. At these intra-party election campaign events, the members can get a picture of which of the candidates would make not only the better party leader, but also the better head of government. After a ballot, the result should be announced on July 22.

Politics United Kingdom Cacophony of atrocities

Cacophony of helplessness

Anyone who had hoped that the second TV debate would reveal a purified, perhaps even a talented, next prime minister, was deceived. On the chair sat only good old Boris, and knew no further.By Cathrin Kahlweit

Shortly after the successor to Theresa May's successor, who is still acting provisionally, the parliament goes into summer recess for about four weeks, after which a series of party congresses is held, during which parliament usually does not meet. The new PM has only a few weeks left until the official exit date, October 31st, to find a way out of a standstill with a new Cabinet, and together with the MEPs, but especially in negotiations with Brussels, and Brexit with one to implement a mutually accepted contract.

If that does not succeed, both applicants have committed to pursue No Deal, ie a tough exit from the EU. However, Hunt had admitted that, if a deal was within reach, he would negotiate a short extension with Brussels. Johnson had initially sounded full-bodied, No Deal would be a realistic alternative, if Brussels does not give in. However, in a TV debate of the BBC, he then backtracked half and admitted that a hard Brexit not necessarily desirable, but perhaps unavoidable.

In the afternoon, Hunt had tweeted that he would put Boris Johnson in his place, make the country and party one again. In turn, it was reported from the Johnson camp that they wanted Foreign Minister Hunt to be a counter-candidate. It is therefore speculated that Johnson made some supporters to give so-called "lending voices" to Hunt and so Gove to third place. Gove and Johnson had been deeply involved in the last competition for the 2016 party leadership; Johnson had a bill with him. Observers in Westminster had therefore been afraid of a dirty election campaign in case Gove and Johnson were the last candidates. Hunt, a former Remainer, but committed to the referendum, is in the Johnson camp as uncharismatic and easier to beat.

Politics Great Britain Tories are in the race for chaos

Tories are in the race for chaos

Boris Johnson is the big favorite for the premiership. That he has no plan for Brexit or the future does not bother his angry party.Comment by Cathrin Kahlweit

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