Battle of Reality Stars 2021: Xenia von Sachsen: Instagram, assets, son

The show is currently running “Battle of the Reality Stars” 2021 on RTL2. New candidates come to the Thai beach every week. At the 01.09.2021 will also be Princess Xenia move into the sala.

Who is the princess Has she Mann and Kind? What does she have with “Breathless” in Japan to do? We introduce you to Xenia von Sachsen in portrait before.

Profile: age, birthday, children

Who is Xenia von Sachsen? We have the facts at a glance:

  • Name: Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris Princess of Saxony Duchess of Saxony
  • Alter: 35
  • date of birth: 20. August 1986
  • star sign: Lion
  • place of birth: Düsseldorf
  • nationality: Deutsch
  • (Ex-) Partner: Rajab Hassan, currently unknown
  • Son: Taro
  • Instagram: princess_xenia_of_saxony

Xenia von Sachsen: family tree, father, mother and sister Xandra

Xenia von Sachsen comes from the House of Wettin. Her full name is: Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris Princess of Saxony, Duchess of Saxony. you father is farmer Theo Clevan, hers mother is the hairdresser and beautician Iris Princess of Saxony, Duchess of Saxony. She has a sister named Xandra.

The princess comes from Ernst Heinrich von Sachsen on her mother’s side and thus also from Friedrich August III, the last King of Saxony, away.

Xenia von Sachsen in “Battle of Reality Stars” 2021

In episode 8 of “Battle of the Reality Stars” on Thursday, 01.09.2021, the princess is making her debut. She moves into the already settled Sala in Thailand and begins the fight for the title “Realitystar 2021“.

Xenia von Sachsen: Abuse and Cancer

At a young age, the princess had to go through a lot. As can be seen from her biography, she fell victim to one when she was seven years old Abuse through her birth father. But not only had the princess struggled with that, it also hit her health badly.

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Xenia von Sachsen was born prematurely at six months. She suffered consequential damage: “Hear almost nothing in one ear, see almost nothing in one eye,” she reveals in an RTL interview. When she was 10 years old, be a Tumor found in her head, she continues. “The chances of survival were very slim back then because it practically affected the entire head. That kept growing, was also malignant and was finally removed at the age of 21. They took out half of the skull plate and replaced it with a new one. ”She still has screws in her head today.

Xenia von Sachsen: husband, son, career

The princess was with the acrobat for seven years Rajab Hassan | in a relationship, in January 2017 the couple separated. The two became parents in April 2015 Son’s taro. Xenia von Sachsen was engaged six times in total, but she never married.

A relationship with Mister Germany 2019, Sasha Sasse, followed, but it also failed.

Xenia of Saxony is singer, Author and appeared as DJane. In 2004 she founded the band Expensive Surprise. She wrote several columns for the Mallorca newspaper and in 2011 published her autobiography “Xenia – From the life of a princess in the 21st century”.

Aside from show business, she has a down-to-earth profession: She is that Accountant in an electronics store. She said “Promiflash” in an interview: “It’s fun, it makes money and it just relaxes me to have a normal job.”

“Sommerhaus” to “Couple Challenge”: Xenia on TV

After appearing with her band on the ProSieben show “Pop Stars” took Xenia von Sachsen to the show in 2005 “The castle” part. Together with her then partner Rajab Hassan, Xenia von Sachsen won “The summer house of the stars” 2016. In the same year she accepted “Germany is dancing” for Saxony.

She was also seen on the TVNow show “Couple Challenge”, in which she competed with her best friend. The goal was for the candidates to tackle multiple tasks together and for the couple who stick together best to win.

Most recently she was in the fight to move into the jungle camp at “I’m a Star – The Great Jungle Show “ to see. In the end, however, it was not her, but the ex- “Bachelorette” candidate Filip Pavlovic get the golden ticket.

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Xenia von Sachsen: “Breathless” in Japan

In 2020 Xenia von Sachsen published the Japanese version of the Helene Fischer song “Breathless through the night” and thanks to the permission of the author it landed a hit on the Asian market. Her Japan-Tour was interrupted by the pandemic after several appearances.

Xenia von Sachsen on Instagram

Xenia currently has around 19,000 subscribers (as of August) on Instagram and some will certainly be added, after all, she reaches through her participation in “Battle of the Reality Stars” again a lot of spectators.