Baumann Partner brings circulatory shower to Switzerland

January 19, 2022 12:40 p.m

Baumann Partner brings a circulatory shower developed for NASA to Switzerland. The OAS shower gets by with a tenth of the water of a conventional shower and saves 80 percent energy compared to this, writes Baumann Partner in a press release. According to the announcement, the world’s first and only circulatory shower was developed by the Swedish company Orbital Systems as part of a collaboration with NASA for the Journey to Mars project.

According to the statement, a ten-minute shower uses around 120 liters of water. The OAS shower, on the other hand, uses just 15 liters of water per shower. This is made possible by a closed water circuit, in which the water is cleaned in real time as it drains through multiple filters and is fed back into the shower head. At the same time, a heating element compensates for the slight temperature loss that occurs on the way from the shower head to the drain and back to the shower head.

“We’ve taken water for granted for too long,” Orbital Systems CEO Mehrdad Mahdjoubi is quoted as saying in the statement. “It’s time to use it more intelligently.” It is precisely such intelligent solutions that Baumann Partner focuses on. The company sees itself “as an incubator for creative and radical innovations,” explains Baumann Partner in its self-portrayal. “We are interested in contradictions such as the conservation of resources while at the same time increasing the quality of life and this with increased added value for the user.” can be anchored in practice”. hs